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Never let it be said that RIM rushes into things. When it comes to tablets and software, the company has a turnaround time similar to the evolution of man. The second iteration of its Playbook line has been a long time coming, but is it now just around the corner? Read more

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RIM’s 2013 roadmap has leaked, and among the 4G PlayBook and BB10 handsets we were expecting is a 10-inch tablet named the Blackforest.

It looks like a larger PlayBook. Is that what RIM needs to cure its current woes?

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RIM’s in a bit of a state. There’s no denying that, despite the weird marketing moves and the smoke-and-mirrors statistics tweaking, the company’ future is hanging in the balance. And there’s only one thing that can help it out of this funk: new hardware and new software. Thankfully, then, it’s just unveiled exactly that. Can it turn things around? Read more

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks using RIM’s seemingly ill-fated PlayBook, to see just how ill-fated it actually is. At just £169, with new software, a raft of new apps and all the right accessories, can it finally be seen as a viable tablet alternative to the new iPad? I’m at the end of the journey now, so I need to make a decision… Read more

Well here’s a turn up for the books. When you’re looking at what is predominantly a two horse race, who comes third doesn’t often matter – but that’s not really the case when you’re talking mobile platforms. Case in point? Rovio has made the controversial decision to launch Angry Birds Space on the BlackBerry PlayBook before Windows Phone. Is it another sign of Microsoft’s platform struggling to gain momentum?  Read more

If you’ve missed the story so far, I’m trying to figure out if my old, neglected BlackBerry PlayBook – with the benefit of new software, apps and accessories – can convince me I don’t need to rush out and buy the new iPad. I’ve worked my way through its various assets and now I’m at the final test before the big verdict: do the PlayBook’s various add-ons make it the best connected tab of all? Read more

I’m on a one-man mission to find out if the BlackBerry PlayBook can act as a reasonable replacement to the new iPad, for the benefit of anyone who suddenly wants to join the tablet brigade but doesn’t want to spend their life savings. Today’s test: can the £169 PlayBook keep up with the iPad in terms of multimedia? Read on to find out. Read more

The story so far? I want a new iPad, but have dug out my old BlackBerry PlayBook, dusted it off, dressed it in OS 2.0 and am trying to see if it can help me stay frugal. Hey, for £169, there’s a lot to love. Today’s test? eReading: Does RIM’s tablet have what it takes to beat the iPad and the Kindle in one swoop? Read more

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