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People tend to moan about how restrictive Apple’s App Store is, but on the other end of the spectrum, the open nature of the Google Play Store for Android does sometimes land it in hot water. Case in point? One of the biggest app swindles ever has just been exposed. And it was all done by a bloke in his parents’ basement. Read more

Google’s getting very serious about the Google Play Store. Since it shed the ‘Android Market’ monicker, the online store has gone from strength to strength, turning into a one-stop destination for all types of content. It seems only right, then, that Google should bring in a few new features to finally pull itself level with iTunes. Read more

Well, well… Is this Android 4.1, we see? It seems Google’s been a bit sloppy and let the next version of its OS leak ahead of its official launch announcement next week. Question is: is the next Nexus the one that’s already out? …Oh, and do you like the colour pink? Read more

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