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Bad news for those rum-swilling, sea shanty-singing digital ne’er-do-wells: Google’s new algorithm will shunt sites illegally hosting copyrighted material down the search rankings.

All well and good, but is Google just looking to appease studios threatening legal action? Read more

Online piracy is a sticky situation that’s not going to go away any time soon. On one side you’ve got the pirates doing anything they can to not get caught. On the other, the IP industries desperately trying to protect profits. There’s no easy answer, but then maybe there isn’t one. Vint Cerf, one of the so-called ‘fathers of the internet’ doesn’t have a solution, but he’s at least got a couple of bright ideas, as we discovered during a talk yesterday… Read more

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If there’s one industry that’s been hit hard by the piracy business, it’s probably porn. The fightback is underway, with lawyers arming up worldwide, but has a new lawsuit uncovered a pretty shocking clause? Read more

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While you’d be hard pressed to find someone who both understands how the internet works and supports the proposed SOPA legislation across the pond, few can deny that the issue of piracy needs addressing somehow.

An interesting illustration of this is the rise in mobile app piracy: because of the typically small file size, and the ability for Android phones to install apps from unknown sources, Android app piracy in particular is booming.

On the day that the web goes dark in protest, we take a look at the Android apps being illegally copied and shared the most. Is your favourite app being stolen around the clock?

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Minecraft for the PC costs £16.95 now that it’s finally out of beta, but to some people that’s just money that can’t be spared. Luckily, the game’s developer ‘Notch’ has a message for his fans: if you can’t afford it, just pirate it. Read more

Have you heard of SOPA? How about PIPA? Chances are that after January 18th you will have done, as that’s the day Reddit, Wikipedia and some of the web’s biggest forces are planning to blackout in protest of proposed US bills that could destroy the internet as we know it. Read more

BitTorrent Inc, the company responsible for the BitTorrent protocol and technology favoured by music, video and software pirates all over the world, has never publicly condoned their illegal actions.

However, these newly-discovered ads appear to take a swipe, quite literally, at Apple and iTunes. Never before seen, they were scripted by Alvir Navin, brother of BitTorrent Inc’s co-founder Ashwin Navin, and for the first time put forward the company’s own view on their digital rivals.

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UK movie piracy scorecard: Hollywood 1, BT 0The days of pirating films in the UK for users of Britain’s largest internet provider may be numbered. In the High Court this morning, major Hollywood studios won a test case against the ISP with the judge saying he would impose an order to restrict BT customers’ access to Newzbin2, a site which propagates major films.

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