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Google has just made an official blog post detailing a pretty massive design change for Google+. The social network is about to shift to a far more beautiful, refined and customisable setup. Is this all in retaliation to the Facebook/Instagram deal? Read more


The Sony Vaio S Series is a super compact notebook that weighs in at 1.75kg. We got hands on with it at the Sony event yesterday, click through for more photos.

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Yesterday Sony unveiled its Vaio C Series, a 14-inch laptop that comes in a variety of neon colours, and is coated in a plastic that refracts light, pulling it in and scattering it out along the edges, so it looks like your laptop is straight out of Tron. Of course, there’s also the more conventional black and a silvery white version, but who wants black when you can have a sickly neon orange? Click through for more photos and a price for the Vaio C Series.

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HP Pre 3: hands on photos HP Pre 3: hands on photos

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MWC 2011 is wrapping up as we speak, but there’s just time to scoot around and get our dirty mitts on some of HP’s new gadgets. This is the HP Pre 3 – the next sibling in the Pre line up, and the first HP Pre with webOS.

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Last week we told you all about the INQ Cloud Touch smartphone – INQ’s first foray into Android. Now we’ve got our hands on the smartphones at MWC 2011. Click through for hands on photos of the INQ Cloud Touch.

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We’ve been getting hands on with the BBC iPlayer apps this morning, and will be bringing you our full review of the new apps later on today, but ahead of that, click through for a full gallery of photos from the BBC iPlayer iPad app, and the BBC iPlayer Android app.

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Facebook photo viewer overhaul

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Facebook is updating its photo viewer, meaning that it will be more user friendly, and that it’ll be easier to browse your snaps by opening inside the browser without opening another page. The new Facebook photo viewer will accommodate larger photos; will re-size photos relative to the size of the browser window; will be streamlined to have liking, tagging and comments all within the Facebook photo viewer, and will have faster loading times.

Rollout of the new Facebook photo viewer, as per usual, is gradual, but starts in the UK today.

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Our final CES recap for CES 2011 has already bounced into your eyeballs but here’s our last CES in photos recap giving you some visual treats to satisfy your gadget appetites. In this installment we’ve got the GM EN-V electric concept vehicle, the Illuminus t9 Android tablet, our favourite iPad mimicker so far, iPad 2 cases spotted on the CES showfloor and more photos of the Asus Eee Slate, LG Optimus Black and Ford Focus Electric. Read on for all the links and details you need…

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