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Spotify finally arrives in the US: too late or right on time?It’s been more than two years since Spotify axed the invite process and went live for all in the UK.  Meanwhile the US has waited patiently for its chance to enjoy “any track, any time, anywhere”.  As compelling as it sounds, Spotify is not the only streaming game in town.  Grooveshark and Pandora have filled the music streaming void during the wait and today’s announcement may have fallen on deaf ears.  Did Spotify miss the streaming boat and take too long to launch in the US?

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Google is courting Spotify for possible music partnership?Word on the street is Google has been doing a fair bit of wining and dining to win the heart of music streaming service Spotify. Today’s report comes by way of Cnet. The site is claiming Google is considering using Spotify for its soon-to-be-announced music streaming service, either in a buy out or a partnership. Are you ready for Google Music powered by Spotify?

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Now that the weekend has arrived, it’s time to forget about spreadsheets and time to sit back and catch-up on the best tech news you may have missed this week. It’s been an exciting seven days in which the new PSP was unveiled, we got a closer look at the PSP phone, Intel signed Black Eyed Peas singer Will.i.am and much more.

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It’s nearly the end of the week, so to celebrate, we’re having a liquid lunch of of all the latest tech headlines from this morning. Get drunk with excitement off them right now!

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Remember the Pandora gaming handheld? We brought you the world’s first review of the little emulating machine that could last Summer, but if you’ve been following it, you’ll know how tricky tracking one of them down has been thanks to a backlog of pre-orders.

Today though that changes: Brits can now buy one and get it within a week, with no more waiting lists. We spoke to the lead on the OpenPandora project to find out more.

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Planning on picking up Pandora, the open-source Linux-rocking handheld? Well you’ll have to get in line again. The eminently hackable little gamer that dares to battle the PSP and the Nintendo 3DS has sold out. Their first 1000 pre-orders have flown out of the warehouse and into the waiting hands of adventurous gamers.

Don’t worry though, if you read our Pandora review and found yourself pining for some of that 8-bit and 16-bit emulator goodness, you can punt in a preorder. Pandora will set you back €330 and the next batch will be shipping in December just in time for a retro-gaming fuelled Christmas.

Out now | €330 | Pandora

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The HTC Desire Froyo update for Android fans on Vodafone’s network in the UK begins rolling out today. You’ve already seen what the HTC Desire Froyo update does, so if you’re on the network, now’s the time to test it out for yourself. Jump into the Settings menu, start hammering on the “System software updates” icon now, and let us know how you get on with the HTC Desire Froyo update in the comments!

Our week started off with a brand new console. Say hello to the new Xbox 360, or as everyone seems to have christened it the Xbox 360 Slim. Unlike previous Xbox 360 consoles it has built in Wi-fi and comes Kinect ready.

Electricpig towers has once again been besieged by tech. Not all of it lands here though. We’ve been out and about snapping the best photos around of all the games and gadgets you’ll soon be getting hands on. But until then, we’ve been pawing them for you. See the week’s best photos right here.

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