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It’s been a while, but it seems webOS is finally at death’s door. During an earnings call to investors last night, HP openly discussed the, “… wind down of [its] webOS device business,” finally suggesting that the end is night for the OS which cost them $1.2 billion.

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HP Veer 4G locks down its first release date, exclusively from At&tThe smartphone the size of a credit card and no thicker than a deck of cards will be coming to At&t this month on May 15. By way of a press release this afternoon, the HP Veer 4G was confirmed as an exclusive for At&t customers in the U.S. along with two color choices: black and white. The fun kicks off in just 10 days with a cost of admission of $99 (60 GBP) on a 2-year contract.

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Part two of our run down of the worst tech ads ever sees a spooky woman talking about a phone, a comedian getting in on the act, and the most 1980s 40 seconds you’ll ever see in your life. And what’s made it to the coveted number one spot? Read on, and find out.

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With the likes of the HTC ChaCha and INQ Cloud Touch hitting shops in the next weeks and months, and rumours of a Facebook modded Android OS still flying around the interwebs, we thought it’d be a good time to take a trip down memory lane, and see just how we ended up with handsets with dedicated Facey B buttons emblazoned on them. Read on as we dig through the archives…

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HP webOS 3.0 SDK beta released for Early Access developersWith HP’s entry into the tablet market looming on the horizon, we couldn’t help but take interest in an update to the status of webOS. Over on the HP webOS developer center, webOS 3.0 SDK beta is now available in ‘Early Access’ mode. There’s a few hoops you’ll need to go through to get your hands on the fresh new SDK, but we’ll walk you through the steps.

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HP is on the move right now with the HP Touchpad, HP Pre 3 and HP Veer outed this week and now it’s hired a former Apple exec to head up its developer relations team.

Richard Kerris was Senior Director at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Relations team and is now HP’s VP of Worldwide Developer relations. He joins another former Apple exec, Jon Rubenstein, in the Palm team at HP. Kerris was previously CTO at Lucasfilm so he’s well-connected. The big question is: can he get the WebOS world up to speed in the battle with Android and iOS?

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webOS battle: Palm Pixi Plus versus HP VeerHot on the heels of our webOS battle between the Palm Pre 2 and the HP Pre 3 is our next installment – the Palm Pixi Plus versus HP Veer. The credit-card sized HP Veer will take the honors as the smallest webOS phone to date when it launches later this year, but is it worth the upgrade? Let’s begin.

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webOS battle: HP Pre 3 versus Palm Pre 2The HP Pre 3 has taken the reigns from the second-generation Palm Pre 2 this morning. During the event, we began to ask ourselves – what makes the Pre 3 so special and is this truly a worthy upgrade for the webOS faithful? Let’s find out.

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