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On Orange or T-Mobile? Are you sure? Technically, you’re on Everything Everywhere, which is now EE. Only, you’re still on Orange or T-Mobile really Unless you get 4G when it’s switched on tomorrow (Oct 30th). Confused? That’s understandable…  Read more

It’s probably a tough job, coming up with endless inspiring marketing imagery. Once you’ve done a few, it must be easy to give up and lose your momentum. We don’t know quite what’s happened at EE HQ, but the UK’s first 4G service has just served up a slice of horrendously depressing gold on its press page.

Will 4G be humanity’s downfall, finally turning us into the jellatinous, charmless blobs depicted in Wall-E? It will if this image is anything to go by. Read more

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Meet the Orange San Diego, a new Android phone that’s exclusive to the network. It’s the final, shipping name of the Orange Santa Clara phone that we profiled back in February. While we normally like to stress that it’s the software that counts these days, and not the hardware, it’s the silicon inside this phone that’s significant.

You see, this is the first phone in Europe to ever sport an Intel chip. The big beast of desktop computing has finally persuaded somebody to use its new mobile chip, so there’s a lot riding on this smartphone. Let’s take a look.

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Facebook has just launched the Facebook App Center, an app vestibule to call its very own. It’s an investor-pleasing move, but will it actually be of any use to users? Isn’t Facebook Connect’s auto-posting more of an annoyance than anything? We’ve been pushing this opinion for a long time, but it seems we’re not alone: Orange agrees. Read more

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Second screen TV apps are big business these days: see Sky’s major investment in Zeebox. Now a major mobile network is getting involved in the area too: Orange has announced that it is bringing its TVcheck app for Android and iPhone to the UK in the next few weeks.

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It’s one of the most successful mobile phones ever released, but now it seems the iPhone 3GS is finally edging towards the knacker’s yard. A leaked image apparently shows that Orange is planning to ditch the 3GS forever come March.

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The Orange Monte Carlo – also known as the ZTE Skate – has been on our radar ever since Mobile World Congress in February. As the follow up to the spectacular Orange San Francisco, 2010′s bargain bin phone of the year, we were expecting great things at next to no cost: it’s the same size as the HTC Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy S 2 – but it costs a mere third of the price of either.

So does this phone live up to expectations? Almost.

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Orange has expanded its mission to own your week’s entertainment with a new service called Film To Go offering customers a free iTunes movie rental each week. As with its popular Orange Wednesdays cinema deal, customers just have to text to nab a promotional code.

While the text (FILMTOGO to 85060) costs 35p, the iTunes movie rental itself is free and can be watched on a computer, iOS device or Apple TV. As with standard iTunes movie rentals, your free flick remains valid for 30 days but once you start watching you’ve got 48 hours to finish it. The first film on offer is My Blueberry Nights with The Wrestler following it next week.

Out now | £free | Orange

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