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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re quite switched on when it comes to the tech world. As such, you’re probably already getting tired of your living room glow box shoving Windows 8 in your face twice every ad break. But remember: not everyone is like you – and a new poll in the US has just duly shown Microsoft exactly that. Erm… Windows wha? Read more

Microsoft’s playing its mobile hand wisely at the moment. With Windows Phone 8, it the company plans on being more open, honest and open to compromise than ever before. With rivals like iOS maintaining an increasingly locked down business model, is a more free approach to mobile going to turn the tide in Microsoft’s favour?

It is if Windows Phone 8‘s senior product manager Greg Sullivan has anything to do with it, as he revealed to us in an exclusive talk… Read more

Last night, news broke that Facebook’s moving towards launching a Facebook Phone of its own. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Zuckerberg’s team is hiring up mobile players all over the US, but is any such Facebook Phone doomed from the start? Read more

Tizen is the talk of the mobile town at the minute. Android’s still charging on unfazed, but the arrival of a newcomer to any scene will always cause a stir – and that’s exactly what the new open source OS from Samsung, Intel and others is doing. Today it seems to have gained a powerful new follower: is HTC prepping a Tizen phone to call is own? Read more

Ever want to hide away, lock the doors and just get on with what you’re doing without any distractions? Sounds like you want Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Or more specifically, one of its newest features: Do Not Disturb. The big question: why oh why is this not on iOS already? Read more

Want the latest gossip on the Samsung Galaxy S3? Go on then, here you go, you hungry lot. Want the latest Samsung Bada news? Yeah… Not so many takers, right? Samsung’s well aware of this, and – if rumour is to be believed – it’s about to act accordingly. Is Bada about to be no more? Read more

Is iOS 5 starting to feel a bit stale? Apple’s latest mobile operating system is now nearly a year old, which means it’s nearly time to make the jump to the next iteration, just as Android settles into the slump between Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 5.0. Good news for Apple fans then: an event invite may have just revealed the launch date of iOS 6. What should it have baked in? Read our suggestions after the break… Read more

Microsoft is gearing up for a Windows 8 event in April that’ll showcase the finished product to manufacturing partners, signposting a launch in October – that’s according to sources close to Microsoft. Are the next generation of Ultrabooks being built right now? Read more

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