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It’s been quite the weekend for OnLive. The pioneering cloud game streaming service has faced huge debts, internal turmoil and has been forced to up-end itself to accept a buyout. Worse still, now HTC’s feeling the brunt of it. Just what’s going on? Read more

OnLive’s pretty amazing. When you think about how far your streamed gaming content has to travel, and how fast, the tech involved is a damn miracle. If you’ve got a good enough connection, that is.

Thing is, when it landed on Android, the scope of its powers was largely limited to games with rejigged touchscreen controls, but will a marriage between the Nexus 7 and the wireless OnLive controller be the making of both Google’s tablet and the service itself?  Read more

Since it stopped being the underdog, Apple’s always had a bit of a reputation for being a bit… Shall we say, slightly unlikeable. It’s by no means an evil Sci-fi megacorp (we’re looking at you, Weyland-Yutani), but some of its closed doors and strict rules turn a lot of tech buyers away to more free-range pastures like Android. Thing is, it’s never been anything but a case of personal preference, and never anything that’s likely to turn Apple fans away, until very recently.

The last six months in the life of Apple have seen many decisions pass through that are starting to sour Apple’s reputation. With the company clamping things out left, right and centre, is it fair to call the modern Apple too nasty? And, more importantly, where the hell is my OnLive app? Read more

E3 2012’s going to be different from the years hence. It’s going to buck the usual trends in a way that’ll initially sound disappointing. ‘No new Xbox’ and ‘No new Playstation’ will be what makes most of the headlines and, under E3’s normal rules, that means a weak show.

But it won’t be weak at all – it’s just that the parameters are changing very suddenly. What do we mean? Well, traditionally E3 has acted as a big plinth on which to put new hardware, but this year the hardware already exists, and it’s already in your living room. This is the year that your TV becomes your game console. Read more

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There’s a lot of hot gossip surrounding Sony’s plans for the next Playstation right now. It’s probably because E3 is just around the corner, but it’s also thanks to some fairly loose-lipped insiders dishing out secrets. The latest? The fact that, despite Sony’s cloud-streaming plans, the PS4 will still have an optical disc drive. But that almost wasn’t the case. Read more

E3 2012 looks as though it might not be the hardware fest that we’d hoped for. While early rumours hinted at a launch for both the PS4 and Xbox 720, the gossip’s quietened down enough to make both seem unlikely. But maybe we’re looking at it all wrong: maybe we’ve already got the PS4 under our TV sets, and we just need Sony to hand us the keys? Read more

OnLive, the cloud-streamed gaming company, has decided to bring a bunch of the best Sega Mega Drive (or Genesis, if you live in the US) games to its platform. Using Facebook, the company polled its users to see which of its secured line-up should land soonest. Read on for the result, as well as what other gems are coming up… Read more

Crysis developer Crytek has liftedthe lid on Gface, the OnLive-meets-Facebook gaming social network that could genuinely transform multiplayer gaming. Why’s it so special? And what does it actually do? Read on to find out. Read more

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