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After months and months of waiting and a drip-feed of information, Microsoft has finally launched Windows 8. The next generation operating software is a bold departure from the Windows of yore, but whether you like it or not, there’s no denying its freshness. Wanna see what all the fuss is about? Read more

The new iPad hits stores today. It’s at the end of the quickest announcement-to-release cycle Apple’s ever managed, but even so, it might not be all that sprightly. Ever wondered exactly how long your new iPad’s been in existence? Read more

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The HP Touchpad. It’s cheap, it runs the cult favourite Web OS, it can be ported to Android and sporadically comes on sale for $99 (£63). You want it? Sure you do. Good news, then; it’s going to come back on sale for a very brief period of time. Read more

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When Jaguar announced the C-X75 concept car last year, most scoffed at the idea it would ever go into production. On the face of it, the C-X75 looked like an expensive piece of show-boating. After all, the C-X75 promised to combine a small-capacity petrol engine with two gas turbines and four electric motors to develop enough performance to burst both your kidneys: 0-60 in three seconds and a top speed of over 200mph. Read more

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