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I’ve been to see a few music streaming services recently. I’ve been a long-time user of Spotify, but in the last month I’ve gone for briefings with both Sony (for its Music Unlimited service) and now Napster, which is relaunching in the UK as a streaming service owned by US company Rhapsody.

Apparently, now’s the time to get in on the streaming action; the market is growing. But if that’s the case, what can you do to differentiate yourself from the big players? And how do you shake off such an infamous reputation as the one attached to Napster? That’s exactly what I asked Napster Europe’s General Manager, Thorsten Schliesche…

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Electricpig: Men at work!

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If you’re wondering why there’s not the usual regular update of tech news and features on the site today, it’s because Electricpig has been sent in for a bit of a digital MOT, and will be in absentia until tomorrow. You can still look at the site, and catch up on anything you’ve missed recently (like our coverage of the new MacBook Pro, or our Angry Birds cake), but we won’t be able to post new content.

We’re updating the site so that it should run more smoothly for you, and we also need to carry out some essential maintenance while we’re at it. We’ll be back online by 7am tomorrow morning, when we’ll be posting as usual. Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, why not have a go at the Angry Birds Competition: there’s only two days left to enter!

Last week we had a false alarm, but this time it looks like we’re on track for the new MacBook Pro. The Apple Store has gone offline. This means that we should be seeing the new MacBook Pro popping up in the Apple Store at around 6pm GMT.

Talk has converged on today, after we heard details of shipments, and the Intel leak. Then the MacBook Pro shipping time was upped to 3-5 days in a sign that stock was running low. Now there’s talk of the new MacBook Pro’s coming after an Intel announcement later today.

What do you think? False alarm or real deal for the new MacBook Pro? Click through to shout out in the comments!

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Apple Store offline: why?

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The Apple Store has gone offline across Europe. If you’re trying to buy an iPhone right now, then you’ll have to wait, as the store is currently offline. It’s most likely this is a maintenance job, as the US Apple Store is still up and running. However, store down time smack bang in the middle of trading hours has been used as a marketing tool before.

Today is a Thursday though, and Apple tends to release new products on a Tuesday. It’s six of one, half a dozen of the other. The site reads “We’ll be back soon!” Let’s hope so. Fingers crossed there’s something new to see!

Shout out when you find the Apple Store back online!

Hurrah! Google Maps Android is set for a major upgrade with faster map rendering, new 3D buildings, offline caching to keep you navigating even inside or in low signal areas and compass skills to orientate the map. Google promises 3D buildings will be more accessible in the next version of Google Maps Android and that maps will load far faster as they require 100 times less data. Offline skills will also mean Google Maps Navigation will offer turn-by-turn directions without a data connection. Hit the headline to share comments about Google Maps Android…

Out TBC | £free | Google Maps (via Techcrunch)

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spotifySpotify is unleashing its offline service today, letting premium punters access their favourite tunes and playlists without being connected to the web. The move comes after Spotify confirmed to us last month that it was working on a solution for letting paying customers listen to music offline. So how does it work? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

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GMail – Google’s web email system that is also the default mail system for G1 Android users – will soon be browsable while offline  on the iPhone and Android handsets.

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Face it, that Powerpoint presentation can wait. What you need right now is all the latest tech happenings, squished onto one plate. It’s the lunchtime lowdown – come and tuck in!

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