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Does the amount of cash you pump into the potential void that is research and development correlate to how innovative you are as a company? Nope. Well, not if a new report is to be believed, at least. Question is, is there anything Google and the like can do to catch Apple? Read more

iPhone-schmiPhone, right? While it may only be controlling around four per cent of the smartphone market, Windows Phone has a loyal fan base clamoring for the next batch of handsets, sporting the next iteration of the OS - Windows Phone 8. Good news, then: he wait is almost over. Read more

Is there a Microsoft Surface Windows Phone handset incoming? The rumour has been doing the rounds a while now since the partner-bothering Surface tablet broke cover, but Microsoft has refused to deny it.

And now comes word from BRG that Microsoft plans to launch its own smartie “in the coming months”. But just because it can, doesn’t mean it should.

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What’s better than wireless music streaming? How about wireless music streaming and charging at the same time? Welcome to the future, courtesy of Nokia. Read more

Today, Nokia held a press conference in the US to unveil its latest flagship Windows Phone handset, the Nokia Lumia 920. The phone, which boasts huge 4.5-inch display with incredible screen, top camera tech and the latest version of Microsoft’s mobile OS, took centre stage.

But then there was the Nokia Lumia 820, announced almost as an afterthought. And I think that’s selling it a bit short, to say the least… Read more

lumia 9

Nokia means business. Its progress with the Windows Phone platform has been slow, but with the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 920, has the Finnish giant just hit the nail square on the head? Check out our gallery of pics to decide for yourself. Read more

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Nokia’s Windows Phone march made a bold new step forward today, as the Finnish company took to the stage in New York to unveil the Nokia Lumia 920. Is it the best phone Nokia’s ever made? Read more

Microsoft Surface Phone inbound?

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Microsoft’s many partners were left a bit peeved when the company unveiled its Surface tablets; it must have been a kick in the teeth to have to start competing against the company you’re making devices for in the first place. But that may have been just the start. It looks as though Microsoft may be about to drop a similar bomb on the mobile market. Read more

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