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Acer W4, Nokia Play To, T-mobile pay as you go plans: US UpdateAfter Monday’s holiday we’re already half way through the work week and once again ready to deliver up that tasty bit of goodness we like to call the US Update. Kicking things off this morning is the new Acer W4, a Windows Phone Mango device with an average feature set — where’s the new WP hardware? We jump on over to see Nokia’s solution to match Apple AirPlay and then we wrap up with three new pay as you go plans set to debut today on T-Mobile UK.

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Nokia Play To challenges AirPlay: wirelessly streams media to your TV [video]Think Apple has the only wirelessly streaming game in town? Fear not my Nokia loving friends, Beta Labs has come to the rescue with its latest creation, Nokia Play To beta. The free software, available now, allows wireless streaming of all your media: photos, video and even music.

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