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Sarah Hyland is not a gamer. Let’s just get that straight before you go jumping to any wild conclusions. Heaven forbid she let us think that she’s a gamer; it would be disastrous to her no doubt blossoming career. Gamers are obese, sweaty losers who live with their parents. Everyone knows that. Even NintendoRead more

This is the WikiPad: a 3D, glasses-free tablet that’s serious about gaming and is gunning for some of the market share that Nintendo’s 3DS has. Its spec sheet ticks all the right boxes, packing in technology two years in the making. Read more

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Nintendo’s Mario Kart 7 hits shelves in the UK on December 2nd and the US on December 4th. To celebrate the launch, Ninty’s put its PR gloves on to storm the LA Auto Show with life-sized concept karts.

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The release of Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS is enough to get us excited all over again about Ninty’s struggling 3D handheld hub. But chuck in a bizarre peripheral, and we’re completely and utterly sold. See, Nintendo has pulled the wrappers off of a new steering wheel add-on for its dinky console, aimed at making Mario’s next racing adventure even better.

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Nintendo 3DS adds a second joystick, big unveil set for SeptemberA world of dual analog inputs is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, set to debut next month at a trade show in Tokyo. According to the French technology website 01net, Nintendo has been developing a joystick for the 3DS and asked certain game developers to come up with new titles optimized for the dual-controller console. The site also claims that a 3DS replacement is set to debut in early 2012. The rumors sent Nintendo shares to the moon, rising over eight percent on the Osaka Securities Exchange.

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Nintendo 3DS rallies back: 215K units sold in Japan this weekWhat’s that you say? Lower the price and you’ll increase sales? Nintendo heard the message loud and clear when it slashed the price of the 3DS last week. Following the announcement, sales of the portable 3D console plummeted from 31,826 units to just 16,416. Over the past seven days in Japan, Nintendo has managed to sell a staggering 215,000 units.

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The Nintendo 3DS has been having a tough time recently and a quick look at the Tesco Direct website will only make Nintendo execs more nervous. Following Nintendo’s announcement of the 3DS price cut, Tesco slashed £80 off the price of the 3D handheld bringing it to £115.

But there’s more bad news for Nintendo lurking in the virtual aisles. Tesco’s Nintendo 3DS price cutting puts the newest model at almost exactly the same price as the ageing Nintendo DSi XL. In fact, the older handheld, which launched in the UK back in March 2010, will set you back 20p more at £115.20.

It can’t be a good sign that an older generation of Nintendo hardware is actually selling for more than Nintendo 3DS. What do you think? Click the headline and head for the comments.

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Top 40 video games chart only includes one 3DS title, Zumba Fitness still kingThey say it’s hard out here for a pimp and apparently that also includes the Nintendo 3DS. Following last week’s price cuts, the 3D portable console has only seen one title jump into the top 40. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D saw a 60 percent rise in sales compared to last week, driving the game from number 39 to 13 in the charts. Meanwhile Zumba Fitness for Xbox 360 Kinect remains in the pole position for its 12th week.

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