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Are you sleeping enough? Eating enough? Getting the requisite amount of exercise? If the answer to any of these is a shrug of the shoulders, maybe you should consider the Larklife, a new smart wristband designed to track the things you’re not grown up enough to do yourself. Read more

O2’s spent a lot of time and effort over the last few years positioning itself as more than just a mobile network. With the help of Sean Bean’s dulcet Yorkshire tones, the carrier has launched several schemes that put its users ahead of the pack in areas like high street rewards and gig tickets.

Now that love has spread to sports, with a brand new “digital clubhouse” for your phone. Ready to unleash your inner athlete? Read more

Nike debut Nerf-inspired sneakers Nike debut Nerf-inspired sneakers

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We love an unusual pair of Nike sneakers, and we love Nerf toys in all their forms, so the two together? Instant win. The new colour scheme, based on the Nerf Lock’N'Load, was shown off by NBA star Kevin Durant in a game this week, will go on sale next month, and inside the box there’s an extra surprise: a Nerf mini basketball and ball. Check out more pics and details at the source link below.

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Nike has spilled its beans, and we can finally answer all your questions, in order of importance:

  • Yes, the Nike Air Mag Back To The Future trainers are real
  • They’re on sale tonight
  • They’re likely to be ludicrously expensive
  • There are no power laces

Read on for all the juicy info on the most sought-after sneakers of all time.

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UPDATE: They’re real. They’re here. They’re on sale tonight! See all the details on the Nike Mag: Back To The Future trainers.

It’s not 2015 just yet, but movie fans are about to go back to the future anyway: Nike is poised to release those self-tying, high top trainers from Back To The Future Part II a reality. Read on to see the video evidence.

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iOS 5 beta 6 only synchronizes Nike+ workouts wirelesslyNot to be outdone by iTunes Wi-Fi Sync your Nike+ data has also decided to cut the cord. According to iLounge, the new iOS 5 beta 6 released to developers on Friday now prompts Nike+ users that workout data no longer requires iTunes to sync. The previous option to “send workouts to Nike+” via iTunes has been retired.

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Motorola Kore is a music fitness device, not a tabletBad news, the successor to the Motorola Xoom tablet will not be the Kore. In fact, the Motorola Kore will not even be a smartphone — instead it will be a music fitness device. According to research from Fusible, a filing with the USPTO has revealed the Motorola Kore is an “electronic non medical portable physical activity monitor and fitness device for measuring movement.”

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Whether you’re running the London marathon, or watching from the sofa with a bottomless bowl of Skittles, it’s worth checking out Nike’s new GPS watch. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS was one of the surprise stars of this year’s CES show, and it’s now on sale in the UK. But how does it match up to Garmin’s legendary fitness timepieces? Put down that bowl, and read our expert review to find out…

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