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Hurricane Sandy has begun its reign (and rain) of terror on the east coast of the US, but before the floods and power outages, the adverse weather claimed its first victim: a big, showy launch for Google. In lieu, the company has been forced to stage the most lo-fi product launch for years.

But the news is still just as full of Google headlines as it otherwise would be. So, what’s the real benefit in a big keynote launch?  Read more


The Nexus rumours have been bouncing back and forth over the last week. First we heard that LG was set to launch a Nexus phone and that Android 4.2 was on its way this month, but then Google quashed the gossip. Thing is, Google, how do you explain these here LG Nexus pictures? Read more

The web’s been all a titter with gossip that Google’s about to launch a brand new version of Android and a brand new Nexus, based on LG’s Optimus G. But has Google just debunked all that? And, if so, what does it really have in store for the AllThingsD conference later this month? Read more

There’s a new version of Android due next month, according to rumours, and the LG Optimus G Nexus will be the first device to run it. Google is said to be holding a joint event with LG, where the Korean company will announce the new device, the whispers say.

Google will also revamp how it positions its Nexus family of products, letting anyone who wants to make Nexus devices do so. So, big changes ahead.

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Where are you in the chain of Android updates? Got Jelly Bean yet? Or still waiting on Ice Cream Sandwich? What if we told you that a new Nexus, and therefore a new Android iteration, was on its way? That’s exactly what may be the case, and it looks like HTC’s going to be the manufacturer behind it. Set your wallets to the ‘want’ position.  Read more

The iPhone 5 isn’t in the hands of the reviewers, tinkerers and tear-down merchants yet, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from running a theoretical benchmark test on the new handset. And guess what? Apple wasn’t kidding when it said the new iPhone was fast. Read more

If you want to be sure to get the latest version of Android first when each update lands, you need to have a Nexus device in your pocket. Or at least that used to be the case. Is Google about to welcome Sony’s Xperia handsets into the family, too? Read more

Longing for an Android-powered iPad killer? A proper one, we mean… Not one of an army of also rans. That’ll be the Nexus 7, then – the much-rumoured iPad killer that Google’s working on with Asus. It’s still a few days away from officially being announced, but have all its biggest secrets just spilled online? And, more importantly, is Google making steps to sort out Android updates for good? Read more

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