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Too Long; Didn’t Read. Those four words are a disease, slowly trying to kill off long-form content on the web. It’s the phrase that’s turning us all into jittery, impatient types with shorter attention spans than the Magpie-like Louis Walsh. There’s a good blog post on the phenomenon here, if you can be bothered.

But, hang on…Maybe the answer isn’t to dismiss TL;DR completely? After all, sometimes you’ve got to adapt to a given medium’s needs. That’s exactly the ethos being explored by new mobile news app Circa, which splices together both your urge to stop reading and look at something shiny after every 25 words, and a Facebook-style notification system.

Is it the mobile news of tomorrow?

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Apple and Samsung have been waging war in the courts since April of last year over intellectual property infringement. Now the latest round has been scheduled to take place here in the UK – and it starts on Monday morning.

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You know those apps that let you read news within Facebook, and then automatically post what you’ve read? They’re really annoying, right? Turns out that’s a popular opinion: the craze is seeing user figures in complete free-fall. Should Facebook leave news to Twitter, where it’s done best? Read more

Tuesday it is, then. To most, the worst day of the week. But don’t let that bum you out; fill your boots with a swathe of tech news. Let our daily catch-up service wash out your soul. Or, in other words, read some of the news that you might have otherwise missed. Read more

Apple needs to talk more, according to Adobe. So it’s nice to see Apple Chief Operating Officer, Tim Cook, talking turkey in public. Unsurprisingly, he was bigging up the Apple iPad and predicts it will be a nail in the coffin for netbooks…

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Microsoft Project Natal demo season seems to be ramping up. Yesterday we revealed that Jonathan Ross got a Project Natal hands-on, now MTV has got its mitts on the motion-sensing system. And it claims it noticed a delay…

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Elgato Netstream unboxed! Elgato Netstream unboxed!

The Elgato Netstream comes in a typically stylish box. It seems ready-made for the Apple Store's shelves.

Elgato only announced the EyeTV Netstream DTT tuner this morning, but we’ve already grabbed hold of one, and wrenched it free from its packaging. Want to see what’s inside this revolutionary new telly box’s packaging? Read on, and see all our photos!

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Sonic 4: Episode 1 has created a lot of excitement here at Electricpig towers with the prospective of everyone’s favourite hedgehog returning in HD. Now leaked Sonic 4: Episode 1 screenshots seem to reveal the return of a classic Robotnik level boss. Is this a welcome bit of retro fun or evidence of a lack of ideas?

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