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Samsung says the netbook is dead

Samsung netbooks are officially a dying breed, as an outed company memo has declared that the diminutive laptops will cease to be manufactured in 2012. So where will Samsung focus its portable computing efforts instead? Read more

Android netbooks were the news fodder we all dined out on before the march of the tablets came and rendered the diminutive laptops almost obsolete. If you’ve got one of the old Asus Eee PCs or one of its contemporaries and it’s bereft of use, you can now give it a bit of extra life with a new hack that lets you install Android Honeycomb. Read more

We’ve known for a while that HP has been planning to put webOS on as many devices as it can possibly manage. Now a clue that HP has got webOS up and running on hardware other than phones and the HP TouchPad has been uncovered…

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It looks like Chrome OS may finally be polished enough to get its big public unveiling on a consumer device. Sure we had the Google CR-48 last year but we’re still waiting for a Chrome OS product from one of the big brands. Now Samsung has invited tech journalists to an event on Wednesday 11 May just after Google I/O comes to a close…

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UPDATE 2: Our original keyboard dock’s lock switch was indeed faulty, and a second model secured the screen just fine. We’ve update the post accordingly.

UPDATE: We’ve spoken to Asus about our issues with the dock’s lock switch to hold the screen in place, and it appears we may have a problem. We’ll update again when we’ve ascertained whether our unit is faulty or not.

We’re currently putting the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Honeycomb tablet through its paces and we must say, it does a whole lot more than the barebones Motorola Xoom. It even comes with its own keyboard dock to turn it into a netbook – there’s a huge amount of potential for this combination, but based on our testing, Asus has some big hurdles to clear first as well.

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The iPad 2 and the other tablets on our best tablet list have kicked the netbook market into the long grass but it seems Asus is still committed to reviving it. A new rumour from perpetual whisper warehouse Digitimes says Asus are working on an ultra-cheap ($200 in the US) Google Chrome OS netbook.

The netbook is rumoured to be a 10in or 11in model and may be free on contract with built-in 3G (though those deals didn’t exactly fly last time around). We’ve only seen Chrome OS on the Google CR-48 so far so seeing something from Asus would be intriguing but in this world of Android Honeycomb tablets and the iPad 2, would you want one? Hit the headline and head for the comments to debate this one!

Out TBC | £TBC | Asus (via Crunchgear)

Motorola will transform all smartphones into laptops with webtop applicationIt’s official. The Motorola Atrix will not be the only kid on the block capable of transforming from a high-end smartphone to laptop via that ingenious docking station. In a press release this afternoon, Motorola confirmed that it’s webtop application, the software which makes the magic happen, will be coming to its entire high-end smartphone portfolio in the second half of 2011.

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Dell Inspiron Duo review Dell Inspiron Duo review

Dell Inspiron Duo review

The Dell Inspiron Duo, with its novel touchscreen that rotates within its frame, asks us the question: do you want the best of both worlds, PC power and tablet convenience?

To which we ask Dell, “Did you say best?”

You see, the Dell Inspiron Duo is the most ambitious attempt at making a twisting, touchscreen Windows 7 netbook work yet – it’s probably because it shoots so high that it comes crashing down even harder than others that have come and gone before it. Read on for all our thoughts in our full Dell Inspiron Duo review.

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