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What’s in store for the future of Android? A lot, if Google’s top UI designer is to be believed. Android’s User Experience Director Matias Duarte has popped up in an official Google video from MWC 2012, declaring the all-knowing, all-seeing and all-listening future of the mobile operating system. Watch out SiriRead more


The Sony Xperia P, Sony’s second non-Ericsson handset, was launched this week at Mobile World Congress. It’s not the all-singing, all-dancing flagship that the Xperia S, but rather a mid-range effort that still packs in many of the same features. Is a shrunken Xperia S what we really need? We went hands on to find out.

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LG has launched a spate of handsets at Mobile World Congress, but none more intriguing that the LG Optimus 3D Max. Why intriguing? Because 3D phones haven’t been readily adopted by UK users and that doesn’t look set to change. Thankfully, LG seems to know that… Read more

We spent most of our time yesterday scraping our jaws off the floor after seeing the image quality being squeezed out of the new Nokia 808 PureView’s 41-Megapixel sensor. Now we’ve had the first indication of the handset’s price, though, and we’re starting to wonder if those ends justify the means. Read on for the full details. Read more

If Sony’s upset at having to swallow up its long-time collaborator Ericsson, it’s doing a good job of hiding it. The company has just speedily unveiled two new sister handsets to the Xperia S at MWC 2012: the Sony Xperia P and Xperia U. Read more

Last September RIM announced that it would be bringing a movie streaming service to the PlayBook by the name of the BlackBerry Video Store. That service is officially launching at Mobile World Congress with the backing of content giant Rovi, bringing Blu-Ray skills to the 7-inch tablet. Read more

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The Nokia Lumia 900 was the start mobile attraction of CES last month, but it was a US-only affair thanks to its 4G LTE connectivity. But the 4.3-inch turbo Windows Phone is now coming to the UK, the Finns have announced today at Mobile World Congress.

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Nokia’s 41-Megapixel 808 PureView is a monstrous feat of smartphone engineering. The camera employs over-sampling to capture information from several pixels for each one pixel of image. The result is 5-Megapixel images with immense detail. All good on paper, but what does it mean in terms of pictures?

We’ve got the first raw 808 PureView shots to show you, so you can judge for yourself. Read more

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