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“There’s so much music around; it’s now about how you tie your music together, and how you discover new music that you don’t know.” That was the pitch thrown at me yesterday by So Saida, Senior Director of Sony Entertainment Network. “We learn your music tastes,” he said, as he walked me through the new iOS version of Music Unlimited, Sony’s subscription streaming service. “The more you play, the more you tell us what you like and what you don’t like, the more it changes.”

Sounds good, I thought, but I knew deep down that Sony would never drag me out of my Spotify. Or that’s what I thought. Thing is, here I am 24 hours later, moving my whole virtual music collection across to Sony’s service. And that’s even after Saida managed to call me “lazy”… Read more

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Sony Music Unlimited, Sony’s answer to subscription song services like Spotify, has just landed on the iPhone. The app, which has been available on Android since last year, can now be downloaded by lucky iPhone users in New Zealand – usually an impending sign that a global roll out of an iOS app is happening. The question is, is there anything here that will sway shoppers?

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Sony has announced it will be launching its Qriocity platform in five European countries, including the UK. Never heard of Qriocity? Neither had we. It’s a platform Sony already has going in the US, providing music and video cloud-based streaming services, Video On Demand and Music Unlimited. These two services were the real meat of the Sony Qriocity launch.

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