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One Direction. 1D. Those lads off that thing with that one who likes older women. However you know them, they’re big news. And their big news today is that they’ve racked up 100 million streams on Spotify. To celebrate, Sony Music and One Direction have launched the 1D Music Spotify app. But is that going against the online streaming tool’s grain? Read more

“There’s so much music around; it’s now about how you tie your music together, and how you discover new music that you don’t know.” That was the pitch thrown at me yesterday by So Saida, Senior Director of Sony Entertainment Network. “We learn your music tastes,” he said, as he walked me through the new iOS version of Music Unlimited, Sony’s subscription streaming service. “The more you play, the more you tell us what you like and what you don’t like, the more it changes.”

Sounds good, I thought, but I knew deep down that Sony would never drag me out of my Spotify. Or that’s what I thought. Thing is, here I am 24 hours later, moving my whole virtual music collection across to Sony’s service. And that’s even after Saida managed to call me “lazy”… Read more

Waist deep into Spotify? Couldn’t fathom using another streaming service? Hold up! Rdio, the first proper, worthy rival to Spotify’s multi-platform onslaught has just landed in the UK. Ready to ditch the green and adopt the blue? Read on for the details… Read more

Apple looks set to launch the iPad 3 in the early days of next month, but a faster processor and better display resolution may well take a backseat to a revolutionary new audio format. If an insider source is to be believed, Apple is working on audio that can adapt in quality as it streams.  Read more

HTC is expected to launch a Spotify-rivaling music streaming service at Mobile World Congress, in partnership with its music partner Beats. Is it going to be a killer HTC exclusive, or is it just another service to add to many other also-rans? Read more


Spotify apps are here. We are through the looking glass: Apps within apps within apps. The Music streaming giant just hosted a press conference to tell the world it has now become a ‘platform’ for third party applications, rather than just an app itself. Read on, and see why it might be the best thing since Spotify first launched, or yet another library of software for you to manage by hand.

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If you’ve been enviously eyeing a friend’s Sonos system but were didn’t have the cash to splash out on even the Sonos S5, here’s some good news. Sonos has just launched the Sonos Play:3, a dinky music streamer that will set you back just £259, almost £100 less than its previous all-in-one, the Sonos S5.

You’ll still also need a Sonos Bridge to set up your system unless you want to tie your Sonos Play:3 down with an ethernet cable but the price of that has also been slashed by half to £39. Read on for all the details on the Sonos Play:3 including why it comes packing an orientation sensor…

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Apple has made a powerplay, to make everyone use its payment method. This means that anybody with an app that requires subscription now has to offer that subscription inside the app, using Apple’s in- app subscription options. For music services, this is bad news, and from the first stirrings of unrest, it looks like Apple’s big bet could be challenged. Read on for more info. Read more

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