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If you’ve never played Just Cause 2, we suggest you stop what you’re doing right now and order a copy. It’s the most joyously insane gaming experience of the last few years. If you are familiar with Scorpio’s antics across Panau, how does the thought of playing with 1799 other players sound? Read more

Update: Now with added announcement trailer (not one of your five a day)

Bethesda’s just dropped a bombshell. There have been rumours flitting about the web for a while now that the makers of Skyrim and Fallout 3 are working on a massively multiplayer online version of the Elder Scrolls universe, and now it’s official. Thing is, with the details we have, is it the life-sapping game you’ve been longing for, or just another fantasy MMO? Read on to make your own judgement. Read more

Getting future-nostalgic about shooting your way through the 2040s? Miffed at Mass Effect 3′s lackluster ending? We’ve got some good news: EA has confirmed the third in the Crysis series, and slated it for launch early next year. Will it boast some super browser-based powers? Read more

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Doodle Jump, everyone’s favourite four-legged bouncing green thing, is making its way to Kinect according to its creators Lima Sky. There’s also a multiplayer update planned for Doodle Jump, plus an iPad version of the game.

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Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta lands mid-April: you decide the levels!Yesterday we dropped the scoop on Gears of War 3’s September 20 worldwide release date. Today, we have news on the upcoming public multiplayer beta launch. At Microsoft’s Xbox February Showcase event today, Microsoft made several key announcements.

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Oh look, the fact that Medal of Honor multiplayer will give you the option to play as the Taliban has reached Fox News. A mother who’s son was killed in Iraq took to the channel this weekend to slam EA’s decision. It fired back with a statement saying Medal of Honor multiplayer is no different from playing cops and robbers. Who’s right? Read on for more and hit the comments to have your say…

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The multiplayer teaser trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops broke onto onto the web yesterday, and after having a quick peek, we’ve got ten reasons why we’re excited. Click through for the trailer from the guys at Treyarch, crash landing on September 1…

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood has been confirmed as the title for the next Assassin’s Creed outing after box art for the game popped up online. Ubisoft has admitted the Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood artwork is real which means we now know what the first multiplayer Assassin’s Creed holds in store…

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