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modern-warfare-2UPDATE: Infinity Ward, makers of Modern Warfare 2, have stated: “This rumor has absolutely nothing to do with Infinity Ward or our games. We would never introduce such a system for Modern Warfare 2 so don’t worry.” So, it’s not Modern Warfare, but it could still be the main Call Of Duty series…

Call Of Duty, and its Modern Warfare spin-off series could soon be getting a subscription-based online add-on, according to a survey that has surfaced on the Internet. The survey shows that Activision, publishers of Call Of Duty and Modern Warfare games, are considering creating a subscription-based extension of the series online. The news has restarted rumours that Activision are working on a massively multi-player (MMO) version of Call Of Duty.

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Guitar Hero 5 has been announced, and its key innovation will be the ability to play any mix of four instruments in multi-player modes. Four drummers? Four singers? Four guitarists? Or any mix of guitarists, singers and bass and lead guitarists will apparently be possible (although whether you’ll be able to add a scratch DJ, or four, to your band line-up has yet to be revealed).

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BioShock 2, the sequel to one of the best (and scariest) games of last year, will feature a single-player mode designed by developer 2K Marin, but a multi-player mode designed by Dark Sector, Unreal Tournament and BioShock PS3 developer Digital Extremes.

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