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Odd one, this. Samsung seems to be taking aim at Apple’s new iPod touch, but it’s doing so with a phone, rather than a standalone MP4 player. Can a Galaxy-branded music phone be the new Walkman? Read more

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Got plans on clamping Google’s Project Glass headset to your glasses? You might not if it interferes with Apple’s future iPod. The Cupertino company has just had a patent application accepted for a Bluetooth headset with an MP3 player built-in. Are Siri powers bundled in too? Read on for the details. Read more

HTC is expected to launch a Spotify-rivaling music streaming service at Mobile World Congress, in partnership with its music partner Beats. Is it going to be a killer HTC exclusive, or is it just another service to add to many other also-rans? Read more

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Rock legend Neil Young has always been something of a maverick, and his latest comments surrounding the music industry are unlikely to win him many fans in the boardrooms of record labels. Young told the Dive Into Media conference this week that music piracy was “acceptable” and “the new radio… that’s how music gets around.”

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It’s not quite so easy to stay up to date with cars as it is with flagship phones, so we imagine that like us, there’s more than a few of you out there driving around without a USB input or even a CD player. Here’s an ideal late Christmas present for you: Ford’s upcoming USB Music box, which brings iPod powers back to motors all the way from 2003.

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iTunes haters rejoice! Spotify is about to take on Apple’s jukebox software with its next update which will sync tracks from your computer to your iPod, iPhone or Android phone.

In a move that is bound to irritate Apple, Spotify is also unveiling a music store with bundles of MP3s on offer. A bundle of 10 tracks will set you back £7.99 (just under 80p per song) while a bundle of 100 will cost £50 (50p per song, undercutting iTunes). Read on for full details on Spotify’s iTunes-fighting strategy…

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Winamp for Android has hit version 1.0 bringing its usual blend of well-interfaced music playing with a nice bonus helping of free music downloads.

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In with all the shiny bright modern technology here at CES, we managed to seek out what looks at first glance to be the most obsolete lump of gadgetry at the whole show. But look closer, and this little cassette walkman converts your old handmade mix tapes, copies of Now That’s What I Call Music, and recordings of John Peel’s radio shows straight to MP3. Want your tape collection to sit pretty on a digital media player? Step right this way please.

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