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What’s the next big trend in online media? Money. That’s the word from the man behind a website that garners 20 billion monthly page views. Now that the world and his wife has easy access to cameras, music-making tools and online distribution, isn’t it time we started turning it into cash? Read more

People tend to moan about how restrictive Apple’s App Store is, but on the other end of the spectrum, the open nature of the Google Play Store for Android does sometimes land it in hot water. Case in point? One of the biggest app swindles ever has just been exposed. And it was all done by a bloke in his parents’ basement. Read more

YouTube is a powerful beast, and it’s changing fast. While its owner Google is currently pumping wads of cash into turning the site into a bona fide TV content hub, other companies are starting to see the value in even the most humble of clips. Case in point? Viral tour de force ‘Charlie bit my finger’ – which is now being turned into a series.

Isn’t it time you made more cash from the world’s biggest video hosting site? Read more

Kickstarter – the site that lets people fund your madcap product plans – is coming to the UK this autumn. The site has helped make real all sorts of things, from technological watches to games, to a tool for making your own furniture.

So if you’re getting your thinking cap on, here are 10 success stories to inspire you.

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Ever backed a project on Kickstarter? You’d like to think you’re helping a great cause, getting creativity off the ground and receiving a nice reward in the process, right? It’s all an exercise in good faith, but what if you’re secretly being duped? One such faux fund-raiser has just been pulled, but how many more are there out there? Read more

Apple’s come out and told us all what it has planned for its massive pile of profit. Is the company building a base on Mars? Nope. But it is kicking out enough in investor dividends to turn it into the most tempting bank around. Read on for the full details… Read more

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O2 MoneyO2′s clearly not content with snarfing the the iPhone 3GS and the Palm Pre. It’s just launched O2 Money, a new service of pre–paid credit cards that it says will help you manage your moolah better. Read on to find out how it reckons O2 Money will make you save those much–needed pennies.

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If you’re still hurling money around like a Monopoly player, this won’t affect you, but for anyone keen on saving a bundle on their gadgets, listen up! We’ve just launched a new Electricpig Shopping service. It’ll help you find the cheapest price for every gizmo.

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