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When Apple announced iCloud, it promised to keep MobileMe accounts active until June 30, 2012. Now it’s revealed how the transition from paying £59 for 20GB of storage with MobileMe to the selection of iCloud storage plans will work. While iCloud offers 5GB free, MobileMe customers will automatically signed up to the 25GB plan.

The extra 20GB of storage will be free until the MobileMe shutdown date of June 30, 2012. That means MobileMe customers switching to iCloud will get a few months reward for their loyalty but you should make sure to mark your calendar. Apple is also automatically signing up users for recurring billing, so you’ll have to stump up £28 when MobileMe closes if you don’t downgrade your plan before then.

Out Autumn | From £free | Apple (via Mac Rumors)

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Convincing details on Apple’s iCloud are spilling out ahead of the official unveiling at WWDC on Monday. The LA Times reports that iCloud will be launch as a free service if you buy music from the iTunes music store but that a subscription fee will be charged in time. It also says Apple has signed Universal up to the service, completing its wooing of the big four record labels.

We saw speculation earlier this week that iCloud may come bundled as part of Mac OS X Lion while others have suggested that it will simply replace the current MobileMe offering. The LA Times piece puts the future subscription at $25 a year which is substantially lower than the current cost of MobileMe. Click the headline and let us know: can you see yourself paying for iCloud?

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Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (via LA Times)

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Details on Apple’s cloud music plans, the service now universally dubbed iCloud, were inevitably going to leak out once it started talking to those loose-lipped types in the music industry.

The latest tidbit to fall from the flapping mouths of music execs is that Apple plans for iCloud to mirror your iTunes library instantly and automatically up the quality if the file on your computer isn’t good enough…

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Apple is looking for someone to oversee media streaming, according to a job advert on its website. And that can only mean one thing

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The iPod cloud

The rumours are intensifying. The trail of hints left by Apple is tantalisingly rich. If we’re reading our Apple tealeaves correctly, Jobs and Co are about to unveil the mother of all streaming services. But Apple has never launched a web service in isolation, so what new hardware do we have to look forward to? Step forward, iPod Cloud.

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The rumours around an Apple cloud service have been ramping up in recent weeks. Now, Om Malik of GigaOM suggests Apple has snapped up iCloud.com from its previous owner, a Swedish cloud provider called Xcerion. It’s renamed its service CloudMe and handed the iCloud domain to a mystery buyer. Well, not so mysterious actually…

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That iTunes cloud service that Apple has reportedly been set to out for what seems like forever? Well, the latest rumour is that it won’t be free. Greg Sandoval at CNET says music industry insiders have told him that Apple will introduce the iTunes cloud service for free but will kick it up to a subscription fee eventually.

The report says Apple and Google have been running parallel negotiations with the record industry for he past year in the hope that they can nail down the necessary licenses. Meanwhile, Amazon kicked out the Amazon Cloud Drive essentially daring the music industry to disagree.

Click the headline and jump into the comments to let us know: would you be willing to play for an iTunes cloud service? And what would Apple need to include to lure you in?

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We’ve been talking about an Apple cloud service for what seems like eons but more clues have popped up that it might be seriously on the cards now. A new job posting on the Apple website calls for a “Cloud Systems Software Engineer” to come and join the gang at its One Infinite Loop HQ…

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