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A while back, a video hit the web that made ripples because it poked fun at Apple users. Hang on, though; that’s not all that difficult a job to do, is it? No. But then it’s not hard to make fun of any die hard phone fan. And it’s exactly that line of thinking that’s now brought us the repost, ‘Sh*t Android users say’. Read more

We don’t make a habit of bringing you stories about processors, but we’ll make an exception today because Qualcomm’s got some news that could genuinely shake up the market. Ready for quad-core across the board? Read more

Ready for supercharged mobile web speeds? So’s Everything Everywhere. The mega-corp formed of Orange and T-Mobile has just announced the UK’s first 4G mobile tariffs. Will it power the iPhone 5? Read on for all the details.

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Let me get the cold, hard, blunt bit out of the way: I don’t know why the Sony Xperia P exists. I know the market it’s aiming for, but I don’t know why Sony wants to go there. I’ve been using the handset for the past week for the purpose of this review, but it’s left me with more questions than answers. Chief among which: has Sony forgotten how to be Sony? Read more

Smartphone operating systems divide users. Your love or hatred of a user interface runs deep, but the problem is that so do each platform’s quirks: they have to stay separate because any attempt to copy various aspects normally end up in a lawsuit. It’s brave of Sharp, then, to try and merge the three biggest into one simple whole. Read more

Newsflash: the world is moving towards a time when NFC and contactless payments are the norm. What’s more, Barclaycard claims that “more than half of contactless transactions by 2016 will be made using a mobile phone.” But where does that leave us in the here and now? Only a handful of phones in the UK have NFC tech built in, but the Olympics are coming up and queues in London are going to be horrific.

What are we to do? Fret no more: Barclaycard has the most bizarre solution ever: PayTag. Read more

This morning, Samsung sent out press invites to an announcement event on May 3rd, which it claims will be an opportunity to ‘come and meet the next Galaxy’. It’s undoubtedly going to mark the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but what can we expect?

We’ve been through all the rumours and supposed specs before, but we thought it’d be best to look at the current benchmarks and see what Samsung has to beat. Join us on a tour of our dream Android specs… Read more

UPDATE: Samsung’s just sent us the invite. It’s on, people… We’ll be there on the 3rd to bring you all the details.

Eyeing up that HTC One X? You might want to hold off for a couple of weeks. According to a leaked invite, Samsung is set to launch its next flagship product at a London event early next month. And we mean early. Is this the Galaxy S3 we’ve all been waiting for?

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