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We love Lego. Pretty much any Lego story that comes along, you can guarantee we’ll cover it. Today’s piece of building block news? The world’s most cherished creative toy has found its way into proper science labs. Read more

Best toys of Toy Fair 2009

Toy Fair 2009 took place in New York this week, and aside from all the cutesy offerings there were some top-notch tech toys to play with.

We’ve scoured through all the stands to find the newest, and most nostalgic kids playthings that are most definitely for adults too. Want to see what the best ones were? See the top toys of Toy Fair 2009 after the jump!

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Do you know someone “creative” who works “in the media”? You know the sort. They probably sit about in alternative coffee shops with deliberately unkempt hair and a sticker-clad Mac, just so that people can see they’re individual, but still quite rich.

Buying for that person can be a serious challenge, as working out what makes them tick is like trying to describe their latest “exhibit”, but not to worry: we’ve got a round up of all the gadget gifts you can get them without being derided, darling. Check them all out after the jump. Read more

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Terminator skullWe’ve been impressed with with an eerie hybrid creation called the Elvinator and had our credit cards at the ready for the replica DVD player paying homage to the Terminators head and this home build makes it straight onto our podium.

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LEGO in freefall

Lego in SpaceSeven LEGO Mindstorms robots are making a trip to the edge of space as part of this years High Altitude Lego Extravaganza (H.A.L.E.) to celebrate the 10th anniversary of this programming platform.

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