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Lunchtime LowdownThe week in gadget news is off to a flying start, so catch up on everything you might have missed this morning right here in the lunchtime lowdown. Read on for all the latest!

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Google Maps NavigationGoogle Maps Navigation works in the UK, as we showed you earlier today. Balking at the price of satnav apps on the Android Market? Fancy getting turn by turn free? Here’s our tutorial to show you how it’s done.

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Google Maps Navigation comes to the UK!

Google Maps Navigation might be US only according to Google, but who are we to tow the official line? With the help of our trusty readers, we’ve gone and got the free satnav software running in the UK already. No need for a US passport, and no need for a Motorola Droid! Check out the photos here and stay tuned for a full tutorial to get Google Maps Navigation running on your own Android phone later today.

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