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Ready for that iPad mini? Yeah, so are we. Our thumbs have been twiddling our credit cards for weeks now, and our Apple Store refresh button’s worn down to a nub. Trouble is, there may be a few extra goodies also vying for our cash when Apple finally does make the announcement. The latest rumour? A refresh of that old desktop stalwart, the Mac mini. Read more

Since Apple updated its MacBook range to include the Retina Display-toting 15-inch MacBook Pro, the obvious line of questioning has been to wonder when the iMac and Mac Pro desktops will get the same treatment. Very soon, if a newly uncovered string of code is to be believed – and there’s a surprise in store. Read more

Apple’s latest operating system goes on sale today from the Mac App Store. Though it’s not up yet. But we’re sure it’ll be along later in the day.

For £13.99, you can get all the benefits of Apple’s latest innovations. So what’s new? Let’s take a peek.

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We hot-footed it down to the launch of Now TV this morning, and weren’t disappointed by what we saw. It’s basically an online on-demand films service that promises to be Sky Movies without the contract.

You can opt for the all-you-can-eat Movie Pass option – encompassing five premieres a week along with the full catalogue of 1,000 movies – for £15 a month. Or you can rent movies from 99p to £3.49 a go. That’s in line with Netflix and Lovefilm.

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Apple has tweaked the marketing blurb on its website, making less of a fuss about how safe Macs are from viruses. Has the recent Flashback trojan made Apple a little less sure of its security skills?

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Ever want to hide away, lock the doors and just get on with what you’re doing without any distractions? Sounds like you want Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Or more specifically, one of its newest features: Do Not Disturb. The big question: why oh why is this not on iOS already? Read more

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The second dollop of Portal 2 DLC is on its way. Perpetual Testing Initiative is a level editor and puzzle building tool for Mac and PC. Console gamers will have to wait for their PC and Mac counterparts to build something for them, however.

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Icebergs: you only see a tenth of the whole thing, most of which lurks below the surface. Apple’s exactly the same: the products the company actually releases are a tiny proportion of what goes on in its Cupertino HQ.

Want to see the historic concepts buried in the Apple design vault? Come with us on a weird journey through early iPads, projected TV and wrist-bound computers… Read more

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