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Ever want to hide away, lock the doors and just get on with what you’re doing without any distractions? Sounds like you want Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Or more specifically, one of its newest features: Do Not Disturb. The big question: why oh why is this not on iOS already? Read more

Apple’s just posted some Mac App Store figures that point to its first year being a roaring success. In less than a year of life, the software hawker has shifted 100 million app downloads.  Read more

Chrome OS conundrum: can one survive with a browser-only Chromebook?With Samsung’s Series 5 Chromebook now on sale in the US and UK and the Acer AC700 joining shortly, doubts have been raised over whether one can survive by Chrome OS alone. This largely this depends on individual usage patterns, Internet availability and applications. Can you survive with a Chromebook?

As the name implies, Chrome OS finds its bread and butter in the Chrome browser. Unlike conventional operating systems, a Chromebook lives and breaths in a full screen browser without the slightest inkling of a minimize, maximize or close button.

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Here’s an intriguing little feature set to appear in Mac OS X Lion: an interactive iTunes screensaver. The current Album Cover screensaver is due for an upgrade with the ability to hover your mouse over an album cover and play it there and then.

The new screensaver will give you the option to change iTunes tracks, pause, play and stop them and there’s talk that those functions will be opened up to developers which would mean we’d get a slew of interactive music-enabled screensavers. If you’re intrigued about what else to expect from the next Mac OS X, try our Mac OS X Lion guide.

Out 2011 | £TBC | Apple (via Macgasm)


Imagine if Apple owned the Louvre. Wait…no need…French artist Leo Calliard already has. His images overlay navigaton elements from iTunes, iOS and Mac OS X onto famous images from the museum. You can see a pair of them in the gallery above. There’s more over at Wired which is linked below and has an interview with Calliard himself and you can see even more of his digitally created work over at his own site (also linked below). We really wish museums and galleries actually worked like this!

Out now | £varies | Leo Calliard (via Wired)

Apple could produce a Mac OS X cloud version. It’s been granted a long-standing patent for “administering and maintaining a network-booted operating system” basically giving it the building blocks for a cloud-based OS X. The patent was filed back in July 2006 and is an addition to a patent application originally filed in October 1999. But though the patent is over 10 years old, it’s really relevant to today with Apple prepping a huge data centre and Chrome OS now on the scene…

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The Microsoft Kinect hacks are coming thick and fast. God bless you Adafruit and your Kinect hack bounty! Clever code wranglers have managed to create a Kinect Multitouch mashup and even create a Kinect Mac interface. We’re move than a little impressed and if you jump through to the other side and watch the videos, you will be too!
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Clear your schedule! Plants vs Zombies 2 may be stumbling into view next month. PopCap has sent out an email inviting American journalists to an event in San Francisco on August 2. The teaser image features a zombie hand gripping the event notice. Does it herald a full on Plants vs Zombies sequel or some other undead enterprise? If it’s as addictive as the original, you may need to pry the iPhone 4 from our cold dead hand…

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