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If you had trouble getting to sleep last night, it was probably thanks to the huge disturbance in the force caused by $4.5bn changing hands. Disney now owns LucasFilm, which means that it now owns Star Wars. And there’s a new one on the way.

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Apple has snapped up Tomlinson Holman, the inventor of THX, to head up its audio projects. The news was revealed by podcasting king and “president of the Internet” Leo Laporte who tweeted:

I have it on good authority that Tomlinson Holman (of THX fame) is joining Apple to run audio. Major upgrade.“ Read on for the lowdown on Holman…

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Clone TrooperWe Brits are to be treated to Star Wars : The Clone Wars as it goes on general release in the UK this Friday. The under-hyped animated adventure already inspired Hasbro to reintroduce a bigger better Millenium Falcon as reported recently now this Clone Trooper helmet is on offer.

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