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Google is opening its own YouTube studio in London, to help budding filmmakers and actors improve their flicks.

The studio is in Google’s office in the heart of London. If you fancy heading down to give it a look, click through for the video.

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London’s adopting the world of wireless in a big way this year. In order to gear up for the Olympic games, contactless payments have spread across the capital, enabling anyone with an NFC phone or wireless-enabled bankcard to buy their lunch with a mere swipe. But, despite rumblings to the contrary, it seems as though the same’s not going to come true for tube travel any time soon. Read more

Microsoft has been running a viral campaign in the US over the past few months called ‘Smoked by Windows Phone’. It’s a series of videos showing hapless members of the public battling to do simple smartphone tasks quicker than a trained Microsoft user on a Nokia Lumia 800. Now the test has come to London. Are the speeds still enough for Londoners to get merked by Windows Phone? Read more

We’ve been hearing bits and bobs of information over the months that point to the fact that game developers are already knee-deep into development for the Xbox 720, but now Crytek has revealed that the world’s biggest gaming companies have all been in London this week, huddled around the next-generation console together. Read more

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London sent its new hybrid Routemaster bus out on the roads for the first time yesterday, bringing the city firmly into the 21st century ahead of the Olympic games. But did it all go as smoothly as mayor Boris Johnson might’ve hoped? Er… No, not if initial reports are to be believed.  Read more

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Yes, we know the name’s ridiculous. But there’s no escaping the fact that the BlackBerry London could well be the most exciting device RIM has ever made. Not only does it have similar design chops to the recently revealed Porsche Design P9881 BlackBerry, it’s also set to come with RIM’s spanking new OS, BBX, under the hood.

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Londoners will be pleased to hear that O2 has given its 3G network in the capital a welcome boost. O2 reckon it could pump up its 3G network capacity by 50%.

The extra speed comes form the 900MHz spectrum, that was previously used for 2G services, but that Ofcom unshackled earlier in the year for networks to use for 3G services. O2 is the first network to take advantage of the new network space, but we’re expecting others to follow suit, and hopefully improve 3G coverage across the country.

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A while back, Boris expressed his hopes that we’d all be able to use Wi-fi on the underground by the time the Olympics rolled around. Then there was the temporary BT Openzone trial at Charing Cross. But this time it’s different. This time it’s voice calls.

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