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How closely do you guard your Facebook account? Are you a habitual ‘liker’, or do you only hand out that kind of trophy to a select few sites, brands and groups? Whatever end of the spectrum you sit on, you might want to double check there’s nothing in your ‘Likes’ that looks out of place – Facebook’s been accused of letting brands scoop up erroneous admiration. Read more

Facebook privacy problems may bother you but it seems for Facebook they’re just a business issue. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this year that “privacy is no longer the social norm” and the social network has been working pretty hard to chip away at the idea of personal information ever since. But why should we let Facebook decide that it’s time for privacy to die?

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Facebook is planning to bring the Like button to the entire web, according to rumours ramping up ahead of the Facebook F8 Developer Conference. If Facebook persuades your favourite sites to add the Like button, it would allow Facebook to fight Google in the quest to index the web.

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