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It’s going to be a busy week in the tech world. This time next week, Microsoft will unzip its trousers and waggle Windows Phone 8 in front of the world, but before then we’ve got Windows 8, the iPad mini and Google’s end-of-week Android event. And guess what: we know exactly what Google’s about to unleash. Read more

The web’s been all a titter with gossip that Google’s about to launch a brand new version of Android and a brand new Nexus, based on LG’s Optimus G. But has Google just debunked all that? And, if so, what does it really have in store for the AllThingsD conference later this month? Read more

It’s IFA week, so – right on time – LG’s firing handsets out left, right and centre. Yesterday we reported on the leaked LG Optimus G, and now we have the latest in the ‘L’ series of fashion phones: the LG Optimus L9. Does it give the Galaxy S3 a run for its money? Read more

Last week we reported that Qualcomm’s next processor, the Snapdragon S4 Pro, would be landing in an LG handset first. Sure enough, we’ve now got the relevant specs for LG’s upcoming flagship handset the Optimus G, and it’s going to be an absolute monster. Watch out Galaxy S3… Read more

Think that the Exynos quad-core processor found in the Galaxy S3 is zippy? How about the Nvidia Tegra 3 that resides in a huge number of Android tablets? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Prepare to be amazed… Read more

So Android Jelly Bean looks awesome, with Google Now and the new and improved Voice Search putting some real distance between it and iOS. The Nexus 7 arrives on Thursday, but when will other manufacturers be updating their handsets to Jelly Bean?

Well we’ve been in touch; read the answers after the break.

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LG is not one to let its arch-rival Samsung linger too long in the sun. After the release of the Galaxy S3, complete with voice assistant app S-Voice, LG is getting in on the game with LG Quick Voice for its Android phones. But does it stand a chance?

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Meet the LG Optimus LTE II: LG’s latest flagship smartphone. With its 4G LTE speeds, it’s a South Korea-only model for now, but the company says it’ll be heading overseas soon, according to the Associated Press. It’s also a spec-beast, and the first smartphone to cram in a massive 2GB of memory, making it a potential multi-tasking powerhouse. But is it missing the point entirely?

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