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Last week’s WWDC keynote saw the launch of iOS 6, as well as a rejig of Apple’s entire Mac line – including a brand new MacBook Pro with a thinner body, souped up specs and a Retina Display.

I’ve been testing it out for the last week and – quelle surprise – it’s amazing. The thing is, it’s so good it’s making the internet itself look bad.

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The new MacBook Pro models that we’ve been hearing rumours about for months now are finally official. Apple has unveiled a brand new look design for the top line 15-inch MacBook Pro, complete with razor sharp Retina Display – and there are spec boosts galore for the other models too.

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A clutch of new MacBook Air models had been long predicted for WWDC 2012 – and Tim Cook and co. didn’t disappoint. They’ve just been outed on stage in San Francisco, and we’ve got all the details on them right here.

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Intel’s ultrabooks are currently locked in a battle to see who can out-MacBook Air the MacBook Air, but is this spec war a bit redundant when we’ve got quad-core smartphones in our pockets? ClamCase thinks so: its ClamBook laptop looks to resurrect the Motorola Atrix’ webtop idea in fine style. Is it time your phone stepped up a gear? Read more

For a while now, we’ve been wondering if Apple has plans on merging its MacBook line with the iPad. The only downside of Apple’s tablet is that typing at length a bit of a chore, so a converged solution – akin to the Asus Transformer Prime – makes sense, right? Wrong. It’s not going to happen as long as CEO Tim Cook’s in charge… Read more

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Electricpig spent a couple of hours at CU Exposed yesterday, the UK’s premier, if hilariously-named, showcase for Mac accessories. Alongside continued coos about how the new iPad’s display will ruin everything else in sight, we heard word from one anonymous vendor that Apple’s likely to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air in April, effectively killing the Pro for the average consumer.

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Apple’s ethos has always been one of simplicity, achieved by limiting the number of products the company sells and making the customer’s choice fairly straightforward. That could be about to change if sources in Asia are to be believed: Apple may be looking to launch a 14-inch in the MacBook Air range. Read more

Samsung has just slapped a release date on its updated 9-Series laptop. The refined 2012 model of the unibody laptop Samsung calls the ‘world’s thinnest and most compact premium notebook’ will be out in three short days. But is it a threat to Apple’s Air? Read more

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