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A new Audi dealership has opened near London’s Piccadilly Circus, but this is no ordinary Honest John’s Motors. This is teched up to the max, letting you use Kinect and multitouch to choose your car on a mammoth 210-inch screen.

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Microsoft’s biggest news week in years has just rounded off with word that it’s launched the SDK for its second screen companion platform, Xbox SmartGlass. What magic is the Beeb and its cohorts about to come up with? Read more

A while back we posted an article about how Microsoft is gearing up to bring Kinect to the desktop, and what that’ll mean for the future of PC computing. All our crazy predictions still stand, but is it definitely going to be Kinect that makes them a reality? Perhaps not, if Leap Motion has anything to say about it. Wanna see the real future of computing? Read on… Read more

Ah, Skyrim… You may have given over countless hours of your life to the fifth Elder Scrolls title already, but Bethesda reckons it could still stand to be a little bit more engrossing. And how do you manage that? Simple: add Kinect support. Read more

After some 15 years at the helm, Peter Molyneux – the man behind the Fable series and pioneering titles such as Theme Park and Black & White – is leaving both Lionhead Studios and Microsoft for pastures new. What does this mean for future Fable games? Read on to find out. Read more

Samsung seems to be jumping ahead of Moore’s Law. If technology is doubling in power and halving in size every 18 months, then the smallest a Kinect unit could possible be would be about the size of a pack of cars. Not according to Samsung – the company has just developed a mobile phone camera built with a Kinect-style depth sensor. Read more

Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group has been tinkering around with technologies that’ll power the future desktop computer, and has come up with something pretty amazing: a 3D computing space living underneath a transparent display. Is this the replacement for the common computer mouse that Microsoft’s been searching for?

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Kinect games? Pah: it’s the mad Kinect hacks that make Microsoft’s motion sensor such an exciting piece of tech. Case in point: this amazing future mirror put together by the R&D team at the New York Times. Yes: the New York Times has an R&D department. Read more

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