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The eReader game is about to see a new competitor arrive in the UK. Barnes & Noble, which has been selling its Nook eReaders in the US for some time now, has just outed plans to assault these shores. Should Amazon be worried? Read more

One model of the Kindle family has disappeared from Amazon’s US site, prompting rumours the retail giant is about to ‘do an Apple’ and refresh its line-up of ebook readers.

Add to that price drops from Amazon and its competitors, and you’ve got quite a body of evidence mounting up. Read more

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Amazon is testing its much-rumoured smartphone, and it could go on sale this year, according to sources familiar with the matter.

But more exciting is news that it could have a 5-inch screen. That’s bigger than the Galaxy S3, and almost on a par with the Galaxy Note.

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Not content with launching its own tablet, Amazon is now reportedly working on a smartphone. We’ve heard the rumour before, but now comes word it’s linking up with iPhone maker Foxconn to produce the handset.

Our prediction? Budget. Android. iPhone killer.

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Sometimes in business you just have to take a step back, realise where the market’s at and make a tough decision in order to, well… not die. That’s the sort of position that Waterstones must have found itself in, as it’s just decided to invite the enemy into its HQ: the UK’s biggest book seller is set to start selling the Amazon Kindle. Read more

Nobody likes waiting. Having to wait for any new tech purchase is agonising, but especially so if you pre-ordered on the very first day. Amazon clearly feels your pain, as it’s pulled some serious hours to bring the new Kindle Touch to the UK a full seven days earlier than previously stated. Read more

The story so far? I want a new iPad, but have dug out my old BlackBerry PlayBook, dusted it off, dressed it in OS 2.0 and am trying to see if it can help me stay frugal. Hey, for £169, there’s a lot to love. Today’s test? eReading: Does RIM’s tablet have what it takes to beat the iPad and the Kindle in one swoop? Read more

Kobo, the UK’s best rival to the Amazon Kindle, has won favour in the market thanks to two key points: one is that Kobo users aren’t locked in to a walled-garden of eBooks, like Kindle users are. The other is price. Now the price point has now been made even more tempting, thanks to a pretty special offer from Asda. Read on for the details. Read more

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