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Lovefilm, the DVD rental-turned streaming service which is owned by Amazon, has spent the past year battling against Netflix for the top spot on the UK movie streaming charts. Will the service’s integration with the dirt-cheap Amazon Kindle Fire tabs give it a leg up in the run up to Christmas? And can a stellar new feature tip it over the edge? Read more

The fact that Amazon is about to update its Kindle Fire tablet is as much of a certainty as the appearance of the next iPhone before Christmas. What we didn’t know until this morning, though, is what it looked like… Read more

One model of the Kindle family has disappeared from Amazon’s US site, prompting rumours the retail giant is about to ‘do an Apple’ and refresh its line-up of ebook readers.

Add to that price drops from Amazon and its competitors, and you’ve got quite a body of evidence mounting up. Read more

There have been rumours about a smaller iPad ever since the original launched back in 2010. And a sequel to the Amazon Kindle Fire has been expected for a while now, but the latest we’re hearing is it’ll be bigger than the iPad, with a 10-inch screen.

The smaller iPad will also be priced ridiculously low, according to the source. Is it just us, or are Apple and Amazon adopting each other’s business models?

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And you thought it was just for reading. Some enterprising modders have got busy with the Amazon Kindle Fire, and have managed to get Android Jelly Bean running on the tablet.

They’ve even posted a walkthrough, should you want to try it for yourself. Check out the video of it in action after the break.

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The Google Nexus 7 will no doubt be a huge worry to Amazon but, if sources close to the company are correct, it was readying a sequel to its bestselling Kindle Fire tablet well before the Nexus 7 was even announced. Can the Kindle Fire 2 do enough to battle Google? And will it land in the UK? Read more

There are no fewer than four Kindle Fire sequels on the way, according to an analyst. And as well as one with a bigger screen and models equipped with cameras, there’s a 4G version in the pipeline.

Google, consider your Nexus 7 burned.

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After a year of teasing us from across the Atlantic, Amazon is bringing the Amazon Appstore to Europe. Does this mean the Kindle Fire is coming too?

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