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Kickstarter, the crowd-funding website, has launched in the UK today, allowing UK-based entrepreneurs, artists, inventors and the like to upload products and source money in Her Majesty’s pounds sterling. Sounds good, but, well… Since it was already possible for us in the UK to post projects, will it actually help? Read more

Electricpig’s Associate editor Ben Sillis waxes lyrical about the eerie familiarity that now runs through the majority of Kickstarter’s promotion videos. Time the formula had a shake-up?

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For all the dross that finds its way onto Kickstarter, it occasionally plays host to a proper gem of a project. The sequel to the iControlPad mobile gaming add-on is one such stroke of genius, and it’s just smashed its target. This is good news. Read more

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There are just two days left to fund the amazing Pro Pinball Kickstarter project: it’s the rebirth of a classic pinball simulator, for PC, Mac and iOS.

Pledge some money, and you’ll get some great free goodies too.

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After emerging as the latest in a long line of stunning Kickstarter success stories, the Android-powered OUYA console has just ended its designated round of funding. And it’s been pretty successful. But with some 63,000 backers now awaiting the console’s launch, can it live up to the hype? Read more

We live in scary times. Well, not scary, as such. More… exciting. See, the gaming world is in a right state, and it’s opening the door to a myriad of different solutions, alternatives and futuristic possibilities. And what’s more, it’s putting the power into the hands of underdogs, rather than the bigwigs.

This week the talk of the gaming town has been OUYA, an Android-powered, open source home console Kickstarter project that’s far outstripped its initial funding requirements. It proves that the one per cent can hold their own with the 99.

And that idea is going to change gaming forever… Read more

Got a plot to take over the world? Don’t we all… Thing is, you need the machinery to do it with. If you can’t quite get the funds together to build yourself a secret volcano rocket base, you’d better start small: how about a menacing-looking robotic arm to do your bidding? Read more

Kickstarter – the site that lets people fund your madcap product plans – is coming to the UK this autumn. The site has helped make real all sorts of things, from technological watches to games, to a tool for making your own furniture.

So if you’re getting your thinking cap on, here are 10 success stories to inspire you.

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