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When we reviewed the Sony Xperia S in March, we caused a bit of a stir. While conceding that the handset did have its merits, we were left with an overall buzz of disappointment thanks to a few lackluster areas. Thing is, we’ve just caught wind of a new flagship being deployed in Japan. Is it the Xperia we deserved? Read more

Nintendo 3DS rallies back: 215K units sold in Japan this weekWhat’s that you say? Lower the price and you’ll increase sales? Nintendo heard the message loud and clear when it slashed the price of the 3DS last week. Following the announcement, sales of the portable 3D console plummeted from 31,826 units to just 16,416. Over the past seven days in Japan, Nintendo has managed to sell a staggering 215,000 units.

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Nintendo 3DS sales fall 50 percent in Japan before price cutThe Nintendo 3DS is having a tough run as of late. Following last week’s announcement that it would lower the price of the handheld, 3DS sales fell to 16,415 units down from 31,826 units the week before. The four days following the announcement represented the greatest decline. Even more surprising is that on August 11 when the price cut goes into effect, sales of the 3DS are expected to decline further.

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Nintendo 3DS TV service launching in Japan, Europe to followThought your Nintendo 3DS was just for playing games and free headaches? Think again, Nintendo has confirmed its 3DS TV service will go live in Japan tomorrow via a new app from the Nintendo eShop.

The app is called “Itsu no Ma ni Terebi”, which is similar to the Japanese name for the SpotPass service. To commemorate the launch, Fuji Television and Nippon Television will be producing content specifically for the console. The shows will be free to download but will feature adverts.

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What’s hotter than the Nintendo 3DS in Japan? the PSPOur insatiable demand for the fresh new Nintendo 3DS in the US and the UK pales in comparison to our friends from Japan. According to the latest Japanese sales data, the Sony PSP has managed to outsell Nintendo’s 3D creation for the second week in a row. Unlike last week’s figures which tallied all PSP sales, this week it only took sales of the PSP-3000 to eclipse the 3DS.

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Japan gets first dibs on LG Optimus Pad: lands March 31NTT Docomo customers hoping to get their hands on LG’s Optimus Pad will have their shot March 31st when the Android tablet hits Japan. Powered by Android 3.0, an 8.9-inch display and two sexy CMOS cameras, we’d be lying if we didn’t say we’re jealous.

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PopCap, developer of Peggle, Plants vs Zombies and Bejeweled, has stepped up to the plate and is planning to donate all revenues from the next 48 hours to the Red Cross, to help with the relief effort in Japan. PopCap will be donating its revenues from midnight on Saturday 19 March 19 until midnight on Sunday 20 March.

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The gadget examiners have taken a look at the iPad 2 and noted that at least five components are sourced from Japan including the DRAM, the compass, touchscreen overlay glass and system battery.

That suggests that in the aftermath of the tragic events in Japan, we may see iPad 2 supply issues. If that does come to pass, it may be sometime before the iPad 2 supply chain is constrained. If you struggle to get an iPad 2, maybe donate a bit of the cash you were going to spend to the Red Cross in the meantime.

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