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Apple has launched the new iPad. It’s a really impressive device with a monster 1080p HD Retina Display, the same iSight camera that’s found on the iPhone 4S, and a super-powerful dual-core A5X processor with quad-core graphics. What are you gonna do with all that power? Use Apple’s new breed of iPad apps, of course. Read on for the full details.

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The newly released iCloud web beta includes document synching for Apple’s iWork apps between OS X and iOS devices but it looks like the company could have bigger plans in store. An Apple job listing has popped up seeking a software engineer to “build the front and/or back end of scaleable web applications” as part of the iWork team. Interestingly, it also asks for experience of “building web application user interfaces”.

While the vacancy could simply be for someone to work on the currently announced iWork features which allow you to sync documents and view them in the web interface, the details suggest Apple could actually be planning full browser-based versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote to sit beside Mail, Contacts and Calendar. Adding editing functions to the web interface would allow iCloud to compete directly with Google Docs and Microsoft’s Office365 web apps.

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Having a good weekend so far? We do hope so. Don’t head out the door just yet though, there’s plenty to catch up on, including a review of one of gamings biggest products this year. Not Call of Duty: Black Ops, but Microsoft Kinect. We’ve also got a review of the HTC Desire Z and new MacBook Air, amongst other tech morsels. Read on to see what you’ve missed in our Top tech stories this week.

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iWork 11 incoming!

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An interesting listing has just popped up on Amazon France, a manual (which appears to be in German) for Apple iWork 11, which includes Pages, Keynote and Numbers for Mac and iPad. The iWork 11 manual is listed as arriving in December 2010, which means the next iteration of iWork should be close behind iLife 11 that was announced at the last Apple event along with the MacBook Air. Click through for a full screen shot.

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Google Docs: iPad version incoming!

Google Docs is about to colonise the iPad. While you’ve can view Google Docs files on the iPad now, Google has announced that it’s prepping a fully functioning iPad version of Google Docs to give iWork a run for its money. With wireless printing arriving with iOS 4.2, is Google Docs going to be the only documents app you’ll need?

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The new iPad ad, entitled iPad is Delicious, gives a big role to one of our new favourite iPad apps, Flipboard, as well as throwing Twitter some love. But after Flipboard floundered at launch under a wave of new sign-ups, will it be able to cope with the seal of approval from Apple? Head through to see the latest perky promotional spot for the iPad and the other apps that have caught Apple’s eye…

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The iPhone 4 order pages were our source of iWork for iPhone speculation this morning and now photos of a petite version of Apple’s productivity apps have popped up online. Caught in the classic blurry cam style, the screens could be the work of pranksters but with Apple looking more and more likely to bring iWork to iPhone 4 and iOS 4, it’s worth taking a closer look.

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Good news document fans! iPhone 4 looks to set to get its very own version of iWork. We previously saw a hint that iWork for iPhone was on the way in an iPhone 4 screenshot that slipped out on launch day promising an “Open in Keynote” option for email attachments in iOS 4. But now Apple has actually named iWork for iPhone on the iPhone 4 order page. Is it a careless slip before an official unveiling or just a typo?

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