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That iTunes cloud service that Apple has reportedly been set to out for what seems like forever? Well, the latest rumour is that it won’t be free. Greg Sandoval at CNET says music industry insiders have told him that Apple will introduce the iTunes cloud service for free but will kick it up to a subscription fee eventually.

The report says Apple and Google have been running parallel negotiations with the record industry for he past year in the hope that they can nail down the necessary licenses. Meanwhile, Amazon kicked out the Amazon Cloud Drive essentially daring the music industry to disagree.

Click the headline and jump into the comments to let us know: would you be willing to play for an iTunes cloud service? And what would Apple need to include to lure you in?

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (via CNET)

The iTunes cloud rumours have been getting louder over the past few months (especially since the arrival of Amazon Cloud Drive) and now it seems Apple may have snapped up a huge chunk of data storage. The tale comes from the gloriously-focused site StorageNewsletter.com which claims Apple has bought up 12 petabytes of data from Isilon Systems…

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A new Apple Store is coming to Jerusalem according to the Jerusalem Post which says the store will combine both retail space and an education centre.

The interesting part of the report is the suggestion that the 50,000 sq ft Apple Store will include the world’s first Apple Digital Library for checking out e-books, movies and other digital files. The Jerusalem Post doesn’t get into specifics but with continuing chatter about an iTunes Cloud service, talk of a new Apple Store with a focus on digital borrowing is intriguing.

Out TBC | £TBC | Apple (via The Jerusalem Post/TUAW)

The Android Honeycomb music cloud syncing feature has been talked about for sometime but one plucky xda-developers member called WhiteWidows has managed to grab the app and slap it onto his HTC Evo 4G

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