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Hunting down Banksy pieces in the wild was once a matter of dumb luck or just living in the right bit of London. No longer! The Banksy Locations iPhone app has arrived in the App Store with a huge gallery of his work with their locations plotted out on Google Maps. Tap your current location and the app will show you how close you are to daubings by the mysterious paint can wrangler.

As well as giving you directions to Banksy art, the app includes videos and news updates. We’re not entirely sure how involved Banksy himself was with the creation of the app (we suspect not at all) but if you’re wondering whether he’s been drawn to your manor, it’s a handy way to find out. Once you’ve found a Banksy you want to see in the flesh, the app will give you directions right to it. Just think of it as a graffiti-obsessed tour guide.

Out now | £1.49 | iTunes

Apple isn’t having a lot of luck with lawsuits recently. It settled the long running Apple/Nokia patent punch up earlier this month and now it looks like it may fail in its bid to stop Amazon using the term “app store” for the Amazon App Store.

While Apple has thrown piles of documents at the courts, a Calfornian judge is decidely unimpressed by its claims…

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Apple has let quite a few rule breaking apps slip through the cracks of the iTunes App Store in the past (remember iDOS and the fake Mario?). If you grab a banned app before Apple pulls the plug, you can keep it.

But until now, you haven’t been able to download contraband apps again if you lose or delete them. But that’s changed in the version of iCloud currently in the hands of developers…

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UPDATE: We’ve received a statement from RIM stating that “Jim Balsillie did not speak at any event in Toronto this week” so consider this rumour squashed for now.

Rumours that Blackberry Messenger is headed to iPhone have been around for a few months. Now a new rumour has put a date on its arrival in the iTunes App Store. Someone claiming to be an attendee at RIM’s social media conference says they were told by RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie that Blackberry Messenger will hit the iTunes App Store on April 26.

They claim the app will get an update with a new notification system later this year presumably after iOS 5 arrives. But would the RIM exec be spilling the beans like that?

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Remember when Apple approved that gay cure iPhone app? Well, it seems it’s been listening to all the complaints and pulled it. A petition calling on Apple to remove the Exodus International app clocked up 146,000 signatures.

The app hit the iTunes App Store on February 15 but has now disappeared. Apple hasn’t commented publicly about the issue (and most likely won’t) but it’s good to see that the app has been bounced from the store.

Out NA | £NA | Apple

Apple has sued Amazon in a further battle over the “App Store” name. Apple is already in a tussle with Microsoft over the right to dub any store selling mobile applications, an App Store. Apple claims Amazon is infringeing its trademark and engaging in unfair competition by dubbing its store the Amazon Android AppStore

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Apple approved an iPhone app from a Christian group called Exodus International in February but the app has started to hit headlines after a campaign highlighting that it’s aim is to tell gay people they can be “free from homosexuality”. Apple has yet to comment on the approval but a concerted campaign to negatively review the app is in progress…

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Apple and Nintendo have come under fire at the Game Developer Conference with EA founder Trip Hawkins slamming the giants for damaging games. He says: “We used to have a free and open game business. And then Nintendo came along and introduced a thing called a licensing agreement … At least Nintendo had the courtesy to tell you upfront that you were going to be screwed.”

Apple meanwhile were accused of taking too much cash for the privilege of getting a game into the iTunes App Store. Hawkins says with apps making around $4000 on average, the amount you make “doesn’t even pay for a really good foosball table.” Is Hawkins right? Or are Apple and Nintendo just doing what the customers want with iPhone games and the Nintendo 3DS?

Out now | £free | Apple/Nintendo (via Destructoid)

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