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Apple has just outed iTunes 9.0.3, which it says, “Addresses issues that affect stability and performance,” in iTunes 9. But after months of problems with iTunes 9 struggling to play nice with iPod Classics across the globe, we want you to tell us if it fixes your old-school Apple jukebox.

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iPod-nano-itunes-faultRecently we reported on a string of complaints regarding iTunes 9 failing to play nice with the iPod Classic. And your comments continue to pour in, with some suggesting the issue isn’t limited to the old-school jukebox, with the iPod nano also struggling to play nice.

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Techie BreakieThe start of another long slog until home time is upon us, and here to give you a quick boost, we’ve rounded up all the latest gadget happenings going down right now. Read on for your catch up in techie breakie!

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Update: Apple has just released iTunes 9.03. Has it fixed your iPod? Tell us now!

When iTunes 9 slipped out of Cupertino in September, it led to a raft of complaints from iPod Classic owners unable to sync their Apple jukebox with the new music software. And two months on, problems appear to be persisting, with readers telling us iTunes 9 still isn’t playing nice with their iPods.

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iTunes Extras to work with Apple TV?

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iTunes ExtrasAlong with the expected iTunes LP album artwork, iTunes Extras arrived on Wednesday to take down the DVD extra features format, but it struck us as a little odd that Extras wouldn’t work on Apple TV, just Mac and PC. But new snooping has shown that that restriction could soon be chucked, as Apple appears to have designed Extras with its set top box in mind.

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iTunes 9 breaks Palm Pre sync

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palm-preHere we go again, folks. Apple’s new iTunes 9 package has just rolled up and lo and behold, it breaks syncing with the Palm Pre. This is just the latest round in the long running spat between Cupertino and Palm over whether the Pre should be able to play nice with the world’s favourite music software.

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One of the biggest arguments against buying movies online is the lack of DVD extras. Not any more, Apple just outed a new iTunes 9 feature called iTunes Extras, bringing bonus content to movie downloads and making sure there’s no difference between the DVD on sale in-store, and the movie available on your Mac or PC.

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iTunes LP: first look! iTunes LP: first look!

iTunes LP: first look!

iTunes LP, Apple’s brand new digital album artwork platform, has just been unveiled along with iTunes 9, and we’ve got the first photos of how it looks! Read on to see them close up.

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