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The BBC iPlayer is doing pretty damn well if its new ream of stats are to be believed. It’s currently servicing around 190 million monthly requests, while the iPlayer iPad app has been heralded as the top free iPad app of all time in the UK. And that’s causing a shift. Are we finally coming to the end of our time spent huddled round a laptop? Read more

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Sky will be launching a new internet TV service in the first half of 2012, one that will be available “to anyone in the UK with a broadband connection” and accessible through a range of devices including PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, connected TVs and games consoles. In the plural. Is Sony’s game station about to get Sky?

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Yesterday LG revealed that it’ll be bringing a new Google TV-enabled 3D set with it to CES 2012. The news marks round two for Google TV, having thus far struggled to make a name for itself in the Smart TV market. With lofty claims suggesting it’s now Google TV’s time to shine, how can it do enough to beat Apple’s upcoming offering? Read more

This morning’s news that Logitech is abandoning its Google TV-packing Revue set top box shows just how hard a sell properly, web-connected TV still is. Logitech has said that the service lacked software that was of a consistently high standard, while its decision will doubtless have been affected by the fact that studio backing is notable by its absence.

So, what does an internet TV service, whether it’s Google TV or Apple TV, need to do to succeed and become an essential, mainstream must-have just like smartphones? Here’s our wish list.

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Motorola VIP1853 changes the DVR game with user accessible click-in storageTired of footing the bill for upfront DVR storage capacity on your set-top box? Motorola has heard the message loud and clear with the upcoming release of its VIP1853. The IPTV set-top box comes standard with a modest 8GB DVR module, but features opt-in DVR capacities of 160, 320, or 500GB.

By way of Motorola’s new ‘click-in’ DVR module, the VIP1853 can transform from a basic set-top box to full-fledged DVR at a moment’s notice. The ingenious approach to user-controllable storage represents a paradigm shift in service provider set-top boxes.

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The Wii and PS3 support catchup TV services, but the Xbox 360 is lagging behind – it has Sky Player, but users have to pay for the privilege of feasting their eyes on that. This could all be set to change, however: if rumours are to be believed, Microsoft will be adding a full fat IPTV streaming service to its console soon.

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Toshiba Places preview Toshiba Places preview

Toshiba Places preview

Toshiba Places, Toshiba’s internet media service for TVs and other net connected gizmos, has been knocking around for quite some time now, but the first devices supporting it won’t be coming to the UK until May. With this in mind, we thought we’d run down some of smarter features of the service – check them out here and see what Apple’s iTunes team could learn a thing or two from.

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Samsung Smart TV delivers IPTV without set top boxSamsung Smart TVs are set to take Internet protocol television (IPTV) by storm in 2011. Smart TVs funnel the power of high-speed internet services into the ultimate television experience, without the monthly lease of a set top box. Are we moving to a future where connected TVs replace the set top box?

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