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The iPad mini and the new iPods are big news for Apple. Not because the products themselves are swish, but because they’ve been ushered into existence with the best ads that Apple’s managed to make for some years. Welcome back to the top tier of ad-making…  Read more

Apple tends to update its iPods around September every year, and this year probably won’t be any different. What will be different, though, is the nano. According to sources close to Apple’s manufacturing chain, the iPod nano is set to shed its square design and go back to the way things were… Read more


Apple Stores are dangerous places. They’re full of shiny things that appeal to our Magpie sensibilities but hamper our wallets. Apple knows what it’s doing in this space – a lot of thought and psychology has gone into their layout. That’s probably why Griffin has jumped onboard the same ship – the Tennessee-based purveyor of mobile accessories has just opened a shop in London.

Ordinarily we’d let this one pass by, but it actually looks pretty cool. Plus there’s a special added bonus to lure you in… Read more

UPDATE: Another pic. This is looking fairly legit, now…

If you’re not in the camp that’s currently wetting itself with joy about today’s Samsung Galaxy S3 launch, there’s every chance you’re desperately hanging on for fresh info on the iPhone 5. Apple’s remaining typically tight-lipped until its official launch, but has the handset’s backplate just spilled online? And has it spilled Apple’s colourful plans in the process? Read more

Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive is stepping up to officially receive his knighthood today for his services to the world of design and, you know… For generally being a Brit who done good. He’s been chatting to the Telegraph during his vacation from Apple’s Cupertino campus, and has revealed a tidy tidbit of info: of all the things Ive’s dreamed up, what’s coming next is his favourite. Read more

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Got plans on clamping Google’s Project Glass headset to your glasses? You might not if it interferes with Apple’s future iPod. The Cupertino company has just had a patent application accepted for a Bluetooth headset with an MP3 player built-in. Are Siri powers bundled in too? Read on for the details. Read more

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Pocket, a tiny 2.8-inch Android handset built to be friendly both on your trouser holes and your wallet. But with a low enough price and expandable memory, could it enjoy success as far more than that? Read more

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Rock legend Neil Young has always been something of a maverick, and his latest comments surrounding the music industry are unlikely to win him many fans in the boardrooms of record labels. Young told the Dive Into Media conference this week that music piracy was “acceptable” and “the new radio… that’s how music gets around.”

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