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Apple tends to update its iPods around September every year, and this year probably won’t be any different. What will be different, though, is the nano. According to sources close to Apple’s manufacturing chain, the iPod nano is set to shed its square design and go back to the way things were… Read more

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It was billed as a “breakthrough digital device”,  but a gadget widely derided as a second-rate MP3 player that wouldn’t cut it. Yet, the iPod changed everything in the world of music. Yes, media players existed before it, but none were as easy to use or as brilliantly designed. Ten years to the day after it was first unveiled by Steve Jobs, its influence is still seen in tablets and smartphones, even if dedicated PMPs, the iPod included, are failing to set the world alight.

In fact, that’s being polite. Sales of iPods slipped by a colossal 27 per cent year-on-year between June and September this year. The device which defined a generation is struggling to keep up with growing smartphone sales. But write it off at your peril. The iPod is still, and can still be, a relevant piece of kit.

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The new iPod nano has just been announced, and well, it’s not changed a great deal from the little touchscreen watch we got last year. There have been software tweaks however, including larger icons a new Nike+ feature which requires no external gadgets, and Apple’s pushing the whole nano as watch thing hard with 16 new clock faces.

It’s out today, available in seven colours and two capacities, 8GB and 16GB. We’ll update with UK prices as soon as we get them.

Once again someone has dared to claim a date for the next Apple event. Kodawarisan, a Japanese Apple site, claims it has heard from a well-placed source (aren’t they always?) that Apple will hold its next event on Wednesday, 7 September with new iPods and the iPhone 5 on the agenda.

Predicting an Apple event in September isn’t the boldest step. The company has revealed new products in early September every year since 2008 and outed the new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle on September 1 last year. But with the iPhone 5 remaining unannounced, this year’s event is even more anticipated.

There’s conflicting stories about whether the iPhone 5 will actually launch in September or hit stores in October but until Apple decides to make a move, it’s all just speculation. Kodawarisan has been on the money with rumours in the past though – it correctly reported the new Mac Mini launch date ahead of time in 2009.

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Motorola Kore is a music fitness device, not a tabletBad news, the successor to the Motorola Xoom tablet will not be the Kore. In fact, the Motorola Kore will not even be a smartphone — instead it will be a music fitness device. According to research from Fusible, a filing with the USPTO has revealed the Motorola Kore is an “electronic non medical portable physical activity monitor and fitness device for measuring movement.”

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Prep your pinch of salt but here comes an iPhone 5 rumour that sounds really intriguing. Remember the curved glass screens of iPod nano models gone by? Well it looks like Apple could be bringing that expertise to the iPhone 5 if supply chain whispers are right…

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What is Apple planning to launch for its 10th retail anniversary?This Thursday, May 19th is Apple’s 10th retail anniversary and with it may come the launch of a new (or improved) product. BGR is reporting “Apple may be planning something big” and they’ve even outlined the logistics of the operation. The question remains — what is Apple planning to launch next Monday?

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