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Apple rarely makes big executive cuts because it’s a company that, by and large, succeeds. The flip side of continued success, though, is that any failures become all the more apparent. Just ask Scott Forstall, the man who’s currently clearing his Cupertino desk. Is this what happens when you lose your lead? Read more

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Too Long; Didn’t Read. Those four words are a disease, slowly trying to kill off long-form content on the web. It’s the phrase that’s turning us all into jittery, impatient types with shorter attention spans than the Magpie-like Louis Walsh. There’s a good blog post on the phenomenon here, if you can be bothered.

But, hang on…Maybe the answer isn’t to dismiss TL;DR completely? After all, sometimes you’ve got to adapt to a given medium’s needs. That’s exactly the ethos being explored by new mobile news app Circa, which splices together both your urge to stop reading and look at something shiny after every 25 words, and a Facebook-style notification system.

Is it the mobile news of tomorrow?

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Google and Apple have a bit of a terse relationship. Throughout the years, the two companies have reluctantly worked side-by-side to bring Google search (and previously Google Maps) to the iPhone. Things are more frought than ever now, so it’s probably not a bad thing that Google has injected some Apple love into its Gmail app. Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 hit UK shops this week, with its 5.5-inch screen taking up some serious shelf space. It’s the follow-up to the multi-million selling original Note, and is bigger and better than its predecessor.

But where do Android handsets go from here?

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That iPhone in your pocket is old. Way older than you think. You’ve probably heard and reheard Steve Jobs’ lofty claim that the original iPhone was five years ahead of its time, but did you know that that rings true for nearly all of the subsequent models?

And, more importantly, what new secrets can we learn from the company’s super-long development time? Read more

Apple fans, get ready to be wowed. It’s been less than a year since the hotly-anticipated iPhone 4S hit the shelves, but according to reports the rumoured iPhone 5 is already in the final stages of testing. In fact, according to the latest news, the next iteration of the world’s most innovative line of smartphones could be unveiled at a keynote speech on 7th August and be on shelves early as mid-September.

The question on everybody’s lips in the run-up to the autumn launch is: what can we expect from Apple’s newest offering? There are plenty of rumours flying around, but which are true and which are simply the product of wishful thinking from tech heads? Read more


If you believe your Japanese iPhone repair websites, the picture above is of the next iPhone. Apple’s iPhone 5 has been leaking out in various forms over the past few months, and this model seems to match up to the others, but what secrets can we learn from it? Read more

A host of prototype designs have emerged from the Apple vs Samsung court trial, and they provide a fascinating insight into the iPhone and iPad design process.

One iPhone prototype bears a Sony logo, and in another this has been changed to ‘Jony’, in a nod to Jony Ive, the Apple designer. And one early version of the iPad had a kickstand, like the bikes we had as kids.

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