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Apple likes to keep things schtum. When you walk into an Apple Store to buy your brand new iProduct, chances are it didn’t officially exist the day or the week before. This is unusual in the tech world, and that’s probably because it’s pretty bloody hard to keep these things under wraps. Still, Apple tries all the same, because the buzz that a secret generates is impossible to recreate when a launch is long and drawn out.

And, more importantly, you love it. The secrecy game twiddles with your brain bits in such a way as to get you out of bed and into line outside the store when you might otherwise not. The question is: is it all worth the effort? Read more

If, like me, you handed over a bit too much money to Apple for an iPhone 5 in a fit of ‘ooh, new and shiny thing’ stupification, you may have noticed a little bug with the keyboard. And, like me, you may have been worrying that it means your phone will have to be replaced. Well, worry not. Read more

Got yourself an iPhone 5? Also got a metric f***-tonne of old iPhone docks? You’ll be wanting a Lightning adapter then. Thankfully, Apple has finally started shipping its little plastic adapters, but who needs a quick refresher course on the costs? Read more

Well it looks like there is an upside to Apple Maps in iOS 6 after all. The app uses 80 percent less data than Google Maps, according to the experts from Onavo.

Which should save you a bob or two when out and about.

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Enraged by the awfulness of Apple Maps? Well here’s one simple trick that’ll make it slightly less terrible.

It won’t put Heathrow Airport back from its current position by Hyde Park. Nor will it move Luton from by the sea. But it will make everything a lot more legible.

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Got a new phone? Maybe the iPhone 5? Now that smartphones are locked in a trend of trying to outgrow each other, have they become more power hungry than ever? New research suggests that they have, but it might not be cause for too much concern… Read more

Got an iPhone 5, or waiting for yours to arrive still? Either way, you’ll be intrigued to know how the new design feels in the palm and in the pocket. We can tell you from firsthand experience that it’s a svelte little beauty, but is there a problem with using so much aluminium in the build? Not according to Apple. Read more

iPhone 5 now on sale in the UK

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It’s here. The iPhone 5 has launched in the UK just nine days after its unveiling, in what Apple claims is its fastest ever turnaround. Are you going to be one of the scores of fans who turns up on day one? Read more

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